Mongol opinions? (+ Plaguebearer discussion)

I just got a Mongol on Mayhem 10 relatively quickly (around 15 runs). Base damage (kinetic version) is 25k for me. It doesn’t seem to do much overall. What are your experiences/opinions with the Mongol so far?

Doesn’t seem to be very good.

Perhaps the relatively low damage indicates their future route since they’re going to lower health/shield/armor values for Mayhem 7 and above?

got my hands on an m10 as well. not annexed but B@dAzz 125% annointed. not impressed but was testing in konrads hold. Zane with good rocket rolls as well. Sntl movespeed on bbb shield. cutpurse victory rush. Even speed demon on

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I was going to farm for one of these but I think I’ll skip it for now and farm for a Plaguebearer instead.

Same. I’ve been farming the Plaguebearer for an hour now. Got two so far but both are electricity. Need an incendiary one - obviously with a proper anointment. That’s gonna take a while… I can feel it.

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It always does! :grin: I’ve been farming the Kaoson and Sandhawk for a long time now and still don’t really have what I’m looking for.

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If I were more motivated to play (modifiers on m10) I’d try to get an annexed 160% splash on moze and report back unless someone else is kind enough and patient enough to do so.


I truly wish you the best of luck on that, got my hands on that as well in corro but haven’t tested yet. Curious how well it does.

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I’m doing that atm and getting nothing from Warden, drop rates still poop.

@Prowler690, Maybe it’s just me but wardens always been stingy on my end. Again hope you guys get what you are all looking for.

I got a Plaguebearer on my 3rd kill (sliding anoint of course) but the small number of drops on M10 is just ridiculous. The last time that I farmed The Warden was on M4 prior to Mayhem 2.0 and he used to drop a lot of legendaries. Now he drops hardly anything at all. The loot drops in this game are so messed up.

I keep telling myself to stop playing but there just isn’t any other game right now that I’m interested in.

Thank you! The drop rate seems to be really low for the Plaguebearer. Around 2 hours and I just got my 4th Plaguebearer.

2x electric (both with sliding anointments)

1x cryo (+200% damage while action skill is active)

1x incendiary (unfortunately with a useless healing anointment. I either want a 150% rad anointment or the 300% anointment)

So basically the drop rate seems to be one Pleaguebearer every 30 Warden kill (I need around 1 minute to kill him)

If Warden happens to drop a corro one I can mail it to you if you’re on XBOX One

I’ve gotten 2 within my first 5 kills. Just got lucky maybe. Both sliding anoint and both cryo. I also just got a Krakatoa with 13k damage. That’s a M0 item. GBX really needs to fix that crap!

He dropped a Mayhem 0 Krakatoa for me, too. I was like “wait a second… Isn’t this thing supposed to have around 30k base dmg?”

Perhaps it’s a weapon specific bug as it’s one of the guns that got buffed a while ago

Nah, it’s not weapon specific. It’s been doing that since Mayhem 2.0 was released. I just got a Brainstormer that was way under level also. Only 5k damage.

I just got a Freeman with, you guessed it, a sliding anoint.

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SNAP! :rofl:

Right stuff M10 I’m dropping to M8 and see what happens.

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I just got another under level item. A Storm with 8633 damage. An M10 Storm should have around 20k damage.

OK, I’m done. I’ve gotten 6 Plaguebearers. That’s a very good drop rate. The problem is that 5 out of the 6 have had “While sliding” anoints. Completely worthless. The other one has a “next 2 mags” anoint, which is good but not great.

Seriously GBX, WTF???