Monkey's Trading Post

FT: Multiple pearlescent, legendaries, uniques, available at various levels I.E. 50, 61, 72 OP0 and OP8, heads/skins, op8 gemstone weapons

LF: Various fox smg’s

PS3 IGN: TorpidTurtles

I have a OP8 Storm I almost never use, What pearls do you have for trade?

Strom SMG or Sniper? Currently looking for the SMG’s. I have varying types of all pearls.

Ah, It is the Pearlecent Sniper I have.

No problem. You looking for something specific? Send me a request

ok, I’ll add you. Do you have a OP8 Deliverence? Would like to try it with my OP8 Axton.

Yarp. I’ll be on around 11am central today.

Items obtained. Thanks, skrillas.

Hey is that Dahl skin up for trade or a bekha

Yes, what character for Dahl and what Bekah?

Do you have the dark knight skin for Zero?

Yes. Add me. I don’t think i’ll be on much this weekend at all.

I just got the aquamarine sniders. Add me. My availability is fairly spontaneous.

Do You Have Beyond The Pale Skin For Gaige.

Which heads do you have for maya?

I Have No Heads For Maya, But I Do Have All-Seeing Eye For Maya If You Need It.

Yes I do.

Do You Have Beyond The Pale Skin For Gaige Or The XXX Head For Gaige?

No. Sorry, all I have at the moment in boatmurderer head for sale and shrapnel head for maya. I will keep an eye out for it.

I am pretty sure I will come across the xxx head faster then the skin since I been farming terra for all his legendary drops for my 5th legendary loot run. If I come across it, I will let you know.