Monster LvL is different and scales by Character LvL for each individual Player during Multiplayer, intended?

As is wrote in the title ive discovered something strange while playing with my buddy. Ive always wonderes why he was some xp in front of my and the gap becomes bigger and bigger in time. After some testings we discovered, that after we look at the same enemys, his was lvl 9 and for me the enemy was lvl 8 (100% the same enemy while playing together).
So i understand that the enemys are lvling together with your character, so that you can play every zone and always get exp etc, BUT in this case its a very bad thing. imho the lvl of the enemys should be a) depends on the highest/lowest player ingame or b) depends on the host lvl. Otherwise we have the problem we have now. He will always be higher in lvl and the cap will become larger and larger.

That is a new coop feature if you select cooperation.

Yes, this is a feature that was well known about before the game released. It’s the solution to the problem of friends having two different level characters not being able to play together. I’m not sure how it’s a problem since you will always have your monsters scaled to you, in other words even if your friend vastly succeeds you in level it should affect your instance of the game.

However if it’s really a problem for you change your game settings from cooperation to coopetition. Coopetition “we also don’t level balance this mode. If you are level 20 and your level 5 friend joins your game, you better protect them, or don’t.”

Personally I find that a pain because it means if I play and level without my friend when he gets back he’s going to not be able to keep up. Which led me to have multiple copies of the same vault hunter, with each copy only able to be played when each friend was able to play. Don’t get me started on trying to sync up two or three people’s level.

But they made both modes for people who liked it the other way better. Loot is instanced or not in the two modes as well btw.