Montana and the Demon Bear Discussion

Well today’s the day. Feel free to tell everyone about how you managed to SPOILERS before SPOILERS SPOILERS. Write about how great it is, or how there’s one bug where hitting a gear makes it move slightly and you’re swearing off the whole Box. Go on about how the balance is perfect, but Montana’s head is too small.
Then, to discuss, see, and submit gear, skins, and titles, go


Yeah so the part where you’re supposed to examine the book at the base of the statue in the library…is it supposed to keep exploding like that?

Just finished it with Galilea in 43 minutes. (No deaths but some close calls for sure.)
The entire thing has the feel of the original Borderlands Zombie dlc mixed with the BL2 Hammerlock dlc.
If I’m not mistaken some of the trees are reused.

I like the dlc except for the boss fight, just not a good battle IMHO.


43 minutes… is that just because you were exploring?

More or less but as Galilea it was more walking to kill-em-all.


Yes, you have to go around and climb on top of the statue, then look down and pick it.

Ah gotcha

Nothing for Thorn?

No taunt?



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Also, spoiler…mom won’t spawn after I kill cubs…died many times, ran through all my lives. Nova says" more drills! You know what to do!" After my last life.

So…no completion and no Thorn or Shayne love?

Demon Bear can go hump a tree.

Montana and the Demon is coooool!
Thanks Gearbox!


Just after you follow the cub through the portal, the side quest is to examine some chests. But it’s not clear which chests? I didn’t get any action thing come up, and I was being swarmed by enemies. By the time I was able to actually look, the timer had run out (or all the enemies were dead) and the mission advanced, killing the side quest. ???

@Jythri feature request for future update: can side objective markers be a different colour to the main quest ones on the minimap please? A couple of times in my first two runs at this story op, there were 6 or more markers on the map and it was impossible to figure out which was which.

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…Same thing on my second time thru.
Had one more thing to check for Nova, fought a huge battle by the last one and it ended the quest.

I got that one too, it actually wants you to break the boxes in those areas. I believe Nova says “investigate those boxes” but we all know she means break. She always means break.

On a side note, I was able to find nine out of the ten ops points on my first run through, so I can say they’re at least easier to find.

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Anyone catch if there’s an audio cue for when to jump out of the way of the drill bits in the final fight? I couldn’t turn and look for them because I was still being swarmed by bear cubs… (and no, Nova, they are NOT cute!)

Far and away my favourite Op so far, a true return to form after being super disappointed with Toby’s and Oscar’s (aside from dialogue in both, Bad Ass Black Toby Mech, seeing Toby out of suit and, of course, THADDEUS).

Amazing and funny dialogue!

Alani: But MONTANA, your “story” was just you pointing to muscles on your chest and arms and giving them individual names!

MONTANA: Oh yeah? Well, Hector Pectoral has another story for ya!


Awesome spooky atmosphere and level details, GREAT music, cool enemies, great boss fight aside from one annoying part!



I almost played it, but only had 40 minutes and was Moore curious about how big big heads were. I chose WF, and the enemy ISIC ulting… it was fun. I’ll be trying the Op maybe Sunday, so I hope it lives up to its name

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Big Head Mode is Soooo good!

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Toby is legitimately terrifying. Monty looks somewhat normal actually

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Definitely enjoyed the op and will likely be playing it a bunch this weekend (especially once my friends can join me).

Anyone having trouble with the titles? The challenges are unlocking for me, but the titles are not showing up on the titles list.

I found it’s best to watch the Demon Bear and just move out of the way as it gets close.

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Same here, completed the challenges and the titles don’t even appear in the list, alphabetical, reverse alphabetical, completed, or not. I want “The Last Bear Ender”, dangit. XD

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