Montana and the Demon Bear Discussion

Reminds me of BAR challenge problems in BL2/TPS. Did you have the helix option that leaves the smouldering crater? It could have been the DoT that did the beastie in rather than the initial damage hit; if the programming isn’t very discriminating as to the source of DoT…

Was only level 7
Shooting for 100 OPs so I quit and restarted, just re-did it as Caldi and he did good this time.
(Had the cage challenge instead of that one)

I killed the “conservator” with Thorn’s ult and it didn’t count either… or maybe it was the DOT from the blight but either way it should have worked.
Tbh I have the slight feeling they pushed this dlc out too fast without having it tested thoroughly. The bugged jump pads, inaccessible areas for bigger characters, bugged side quests, the friggin one shotting Alpha Bears… idk


Just for fun, and it was actually…
Did a Speed Run with Kleese.
Record time.

Did this just to see if Kleese could bypass the islands.
Once you exit the Library you can just float to the portal. :smile:

When I got to the last area where everything spawns I got rifts up ASAP.
Everything spawned and died.

Did the same, 4 rifts, in the Bear area, fast and fun. (Low score of course)


I just realized after trying to check out my own best time that I’m not entirely sure how to do that… is it even possible?

If you played it recently, you could go back into your match history and check the stats. The Story Ops are also listed in your Career stats page, although I don’t remember off hand if it includes best time. (It does include highest score and medal, highest ops points, and times completed).

I seem to remember there being some way to do that, like you could find it in the Command Menu in the story section. This includes the actual part where you go to pick a mission. Vague but I guess start there.

A bunch of Speed Runs would be fun.
I could have shaved a few minutes from that time, set up 4 rifts a lot.

Speaking of rifts, Kleese on that mission is surprisingly easy.


Kleese on OMvBS was surprisingly easy too, but I got very lucky on the side quests (no melee challenges!)

Ehh, that one makes more sense because it’s a mostly static arena. If you place your rifts right, they shouldn’t disappear. By that I man don’t put them on the platforms in the middle. Kleese has always been strong at keeping areas locked down, Battleschool seems like the best op for him the more I think about it.

Final boss was ridiculously easy with Kleese’s rifts. It made up for some of the pain over in Demon Bear.

My biggest issue with the difficultly scaling is that you only find the big chests after the final fight. I just had a run with 75 OPs points where I found three helix points in the chests that brought me to level ten after I had obviously already finished the story at level 6.

I finally f**king did it!

30/30 characters got all their 85 skins! Yes! Yessss! No more of this f****** ***** ***** ***** **** ***********show, I finally won, I am Canadian, I never need to do this ever again!

And f*** Mellka, God, she is absolutely terrible throughout the entire thing -except the boss. She can’t survive against any composition. Pray to God you don’t get Disruptors and Defilers in the same group at once. She can’t dance through this damage, she can’t dish out nearly enough damage at a safe enough range, she can’t even smack anyone to death when enemies get close.

I don’t know who she was made for in the PvE scenario. All I got out of it was that my keyboard or mouse was going to be the newest casualty to my rage.

I am not going to touch this crap ever again unless my friends really need my assistance -after paying me an exorbitant fee.

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…Team with me as her and I’ll prove her at 100 OPs, have done it several times now. She rocks

No thanks.

I have little interest in wanting to know what sort of drastic measures to make her somewhat competent in my hands. I got what I wanted out of her, and so she can stay exactly where I want her to be.



Not used.

Congrats to those who could use her. In my hands, she’s a colossal mess.

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I somehow understand this

Hehe. He. (Just wait till Thursday where they remove refined canisters).

My current thoughts on her?

At least she’d appreciate that

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I honestly don’t get all the Mellka hate.
She is so agile you can survive and dash kill everything at 100 OPs.
Compared to doing this with Rath she’s a dream.

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Could the demon bear potentially do the cave in from the first floor while you’re on the second floor and not prompt the markers for the falling rocks? Trying to figure out why I was instantly dying. No Alphas, no voidsap, I just burned through all of my lives at 100 OP and failed the mission. I have no idea what kept killing me.

I just tried to get Rath’s 85-point skin, and I swear the Op was breaking he game’s rules in order to provide a “challenge”. I actually failed on solo - and with V2 of the narrative, so not may adds - and legit started crying. This is not fun in even a sarcastic sense.

Oh, I just learned that every enemy does a minimum of ~400 GODDAMN DAMAGE. A scaven hit me with its ranged attack and it took down my entire shield and about 10% of my health.

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