Montana and the Demon Bear Discussion

Ok so I tried Montana, 85pts, and zero death. No sweat.

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A little late to the discussion, I mean me, so let me give you my two cents.

Mellka is one of the worst characters to do this OP. She’s sucks at nearly all of them, but this one in particular, since GBX decided to put all the most difficult enemies in the game and place them together in certain intervals. Sometimes all at once.

Mellka has low damage output in both melee and ranged, low health, low speed, low range with her ranged attack, no reliable escapes, and a slew of other problems.

Since this Operation has very low amount of shards, you’re forced to do a free shard generator, and ideally 2 very powerful legendaries to offset Mellka’s very poor performance in nearly all areas. OP4’s boss legendary is advised for the 2nd item, and your 3rd item… Aria’s Encore is fine, but if you need survival then use OP5’s legendary or Blissbeast Skull Plate if you need more DMG Reduction.

Boosting damage, skill or primary attack, is not very effective with Mellka because her output is simply too low. Even with the recent boost to her Claw Lunge, she’s placing herself in severe risk to fight up close against the worst possible combinations.

Mellka cannot deal with Brutes, Beastmasters or Enforcers properly, especially when they do their ramming attack. It pretty much one-shots her, since she has low health. Their grenades blow her to bits in 2 shots, some with one, so that’s another problem. Dancing around these guys don’t work really well either, since the AI just autotargets and traces your movements as they fire continuously.

Mellka also cannot deal with Scavens, Scaven Alphas, Defilers, Veilwalkers, or Disruptors. She cannot deal with the scavens well because they deal more damage than she does and she cannot deal enough damage to kill them first. As for the rest, Mellka cannot punch through their shields before they unleash their killing blow. She also doesn’t have the health to survive a barrage from a Defiler or the shockwave of a Disruptor. If these enemies come in a group, Mellka will surely die at least once.

As for the boss…

Just do what Wise suggested. Backpedal, like a lot, and maintain some sort of distance from Alphas, cubs, and the boss. Mellka will not survive against anything they throw at her in melee range. If they can close in on her, it’s instant death pretty much.

You’re going to lose a lot of lives as Mellka. Just make sure you don’t lose all of them.

Sorry for bumping this thread after a while of inactivity, but I only have a simple question that doesn’t really require a new topic. Will this madness be fixed some day?

Can we please dial down on that damage? I played a Boldur with a no-legendary max health and damage reduction build and still was oneshot by that stupidity. Had a bit of a laggy server today and didn’t even see those globes incoming sometimes. It’s one of my favourite operations story wise, but the bossfight is just a tedious kiting session and deaths in it always feel cheap.

Levelling in that operation also is still an issue after months. Solo players don’t have the slightest chance to reach level 10 in this mission. At this point I wouldn’t even mind a lazy fix like putting three chests with guaranteed helix points into the area where you jump down to the boss …


I can’t be any more furious about the 3k damage from the Alphas and have stated it many times.
Surprisingly one of the Gbox employees asked me to calm down about it since they worked so hard on the Alphas.

The world is full of very bad things people worked hard at.


I don’t have a problem with the Alphas. The concept is good and I really like that we had new enemies in this operation. I’m just thinking that 3.5k damage from one enemy is too much. 1k or 1.5k still would be dangerous (especially for squishies), but at least not that high that only a fully fed Kelvin can tank a single hit.

I know I could cheese operations by using the PvE legendaries, but I don’t like when parts of missions are balanced around legendaries that make the rest of it almost trivial.

I still haven’t completed the 9th and 10th versions of this particular Story Op, just because getting to the end without being gyped is more work than the reward on offer.

I would be very interested to know how times played per player compares between this and, say, Attikus.


Don’t have the exact numbers, but I played each of them almost the same amount (except Oscar Mike, don’t like most of the side quests and the speedrun in the beginning in that).

I like the purple skins in the Montana DLC.

So nothing has changed this patch for OP4.

I don’t care how much work people put into it, not when your result is to have the players extremely frustrated and simply outright refuse to play more your game.

That pride must be doing wonders right now, right?

I did this thing 40 times, and I’m never touching this again.

Anyway, back to God Eater Rage Burst.

My daughter and I have been teaming on PreSequel, both of us have a lot of fun in that game.
I’ve bought Duke Forever twice now for my kids, I should get some sort of award, or kicked. :wink:

I fear this instakill crap may last forever.

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The summer sale is the perfect time for me to play the other games I already have, or buy new ones.

I’m enjoying whatever it is I’m playing now. At least I don’t get instantly killed.

Har de Har :wink:

btw, completed ME:A story mode and have been enjoying the extra missions that come up after.

Boldur is probably one of the worst to do this with, despite being a monster in PvP, since his burst damage may be terrifying against opponents in versus maps, but it’s not nearly enough to kill meatshields like any elites and bosses in PvE.

Not even Boldur can take 3400 damage to the face constantly.

The instant I saw what kind of garbage OP4 was, I teamed up with Wise as much as possible to play the irrelevant characters with his relevant ones. No way in hell am I going to solo with Reyna or Miko in here without wanting to smash my head on my desk.

My desk is expensive, thank you…

In any composition you can’t reach Level 10. There aren’t enough enemies or every enemy, including the elites, give 19XP per kill, which is clearly not enough overall.

With so many people complaining and growing very angry at OP4, you would think GBX would have did something, anything, to rectify some of the problems to make players want to play it instead of feeling a sense of apprehension. But no, they worked so hard on it, so it’s our fault that we aren’t calming down, that it’s our problem that we’re being so critical, it’s our fault we don’t know when to stop taking a dump on this travesty.

If I want some long OP, I’ll just go with OP5. If I’m grinding gear, I’ll go with OP3. If I want a bit of diversity, I’ll go with OP1.

OP4 offers me nothing so it deserves nothing but my sarcasm and scorn.

You’ve gone too far there. Gearbox have never, to my knowledge, shown that attitude towards players. Don’t mislead others with your hyperbole, please.

Have a break to calm down and re-read the forum rules.


If you don’t kill all the beast masters then you can farm xp from the summoned thralls. If you want to run 2 legendary gear I suggest the rare flawed jennerit shard generator that gives additional shards after killing a minor enemy. Miko and Reyna are not so bad on this. At least they can shoot down the alphas death balls.

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Would be pretty cool if wearing a Flair Crown did something like make the heavy thrall bend over laughing.