Montana and the Demon Bear?

Is Montana the reason Boldur’s bear is dead? Ooooh, I like this.


Boldur is part tree stump, and Montana is a lumberjack… You might be on to something here.


Oooooh, that could be a possibility. It depends on whether the Op is set in present time, or back in time like A&tTR.

It’s not, montana killed a silverback hide bear on bliss, not a cedar bear on ekkunar

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Who said he’s only killed ONE bear?

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Well I just find it unlikely he killed boldurs bear, I’m sure the bear would be with boldur at most if not all the time, and boldur would HATE montana then

No evidence to suggest otherwise, so don’t rain on the parade.

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Rain on the parade? Making guesses with little evidence that Montana killed Boldur’s bear. I see no cause for a parade here.

Anyway, if dude is stating things from Montana’s lore and it sounds like he is, I’m inclined to agree with him.

However, “the demon bear” certainly doesn’t need to be literal. Just my two cents.

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There’s nothing in the lore to suggest that Montana didn’t kill Boulder’s bear. we don’t even know how it died, so as far as I’m concerned, that gives me free range to come up with ideas.

Doesn’t make em wrong doesn’t make em right, and I’m trying to get the idea out there, not have a discussion on the validity of it. Especially when there’s already so many discrepancies in the lore.

This is after the darkening of Solus. All Ops are. There are references to demon bear before the Heliophage. So it’d have to be backstory. While a cool idea, not personally expected from me

I’m gonna get my Zangief pants and wrestle that beast, Russian style.

This an meant to be an eldrid op so the conection between bear and eldrid is boldure. It has to have some connection at least

It looks like it takes place on the Jennerit world. Heart of Ekkunar is the Eldrid Op.

Umm, Attikus and The Thrall Rebelion is Pre-Veiling of Solus. Just done in present through memories. Maybe thats how Montana and The Demon Bear will be done? Through Montanas memories?

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Ah, I see why you could say that. But they specified Attikus and the Thrall Rebellion was the only one in the past through such a mechanism. So I was speaking in the assured-future tense, a confusing one to say the least