Montana did 13000 with one hit

The title of the post says it all. I was in a match and we were down to the last couple mintiutes of the match. We had been been push back to our first sentry. I was Shayne and had just respawn end and was going to help the team. As soon I made it to lane I died while at full health and full shield. Along with our Mellka and Pheobe. When we looked at our killer we were all done in by Montana’s Mansformation which read it had done 13,000 damage to each of us. We were all one shot.

I look at his gear there were no legendaries or skill type gear. Just shard, cool down, and dmg reduction. So I want I want to know is how the heck he did it. The only thing that was going on at the time was Miko was healing him and he was at our sentry. The only thing I can think of is some how he reflected dmg back at all of us from the sentry, but event then it should not be that much. I was curious if anyone knows how this happened.

I have one guess. His level ten helix has an option to absorb damage dealt to him during mansformation, and then returning it in an AoE upon mansformations end. I assume the sentry was shooting him multiple times, the Miko was keeping him healed up, and all the other damage being dealt to him from your teammates added up to an insane amount. With both transformation and his other hailstorm skill, he gets a huge amount of damage reduction, meaning the Miko could have actually kept him healed enough to do something like that, especially if he had +healing received somewhere in his gear, even as a secondary, and if the Miko had a good heal power gear. It may be what possibly happened.


Unleashes a mighty stomp dealing 334 damage and knocking nearby enemies into the air. Montana takes reduced damage for 10 seconds after. Cooldown: 56 Seconds

lvl 10 - Big Payback
Absorbs damage taken while Mansformation damage reduction is active. When Mansformation ends, an area of effect attack is unleashed after 3 seconds, returning absorbed damage to nearby enemies.[/quote]
Here are descriptions of the skill and the helix.

Still don’t understand how exactly they work…

Also, Hailstorm reduces incoming damage by 30%, one of the later helixes adds another Hailstorm damage reduction of 25%. Are there any numbers of Mansformation damage reduction?

Basically when Montana uses mansformation he gets huge damage reduction. Like 50-60%. Not sure about the exact numbers, but it’s in that area.
When hailstorm is active he gains another 20%, I think it’s twenty anyway, damage reduction. He can gain a huge amount of damage reduction.
His level ten helix allows him to return all the damage in an Aoe. The damage potential is huge.
The only thing I am not sure about is what the actual damage returned is. Is it the damage he actually receives, or is it the amount of damage he would have received without his damage reduction. I don’t play Montana so I have never done any sort of testing to know about it.

I know there are actual numbers in game that say the exact amount. I know I’ve seen them somewhere in his character screen. I just can’t recall them at the moment.

Couple this with the Sentry’s laser attack, surrounding turrets, Montana could be absorbing a lot of damage.

50% Reduction from Mansformation
20% from icestorm
10% from gear
~15%-20%Health Regen from Helix

Plus high heals is from Miko, if all times correctly, Montana can become a super Tank for about 15 seconds. Easily soaking up 10k of damage.

I seriously underestimated the power of big payback…


You could get higher than what Maagnoguido said. Alani has that helix for 35%(?) damage reduction on ally for like 6 seconds. At least, I think she did.
Some Legendary gear items give situational damage reduction effects too.

You could theoretically make montana basically immortal for a couple of seconds.

The real question I want to know is:

Can Montana’s ult at lvl 10 one-hit kill a sentry from full shield and hp?

Funny story big payback against a melee oriented team is how I got worthy of song

also I have one hit a sentry’s health with it but have not seen a full shield sentry get one hit

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