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When he’s not clotheslining bears for fun, Montana can be found on the battlefield, soaking up industrial-sized buckets of hurt and suppressing enemies with his fearsome minigun. A friend to everyone, Montana controls the Battlefield with sprays of ice or fire, and sometimes just a good old fashioned knock-the-tree-down-with-my-shoulder dash.


A collection of civilizations banded together under the banner of mutual protection, freedom, and equality, the nomadic UPR – like the other factions – now find themselves in Solus with no home to call their own. Though recently crippled by the secession of one of their strongest constituents, the Last Light Consortium, the UPR remains nonetheless committed to their idealistic sense of justice.


Health: 5/5
Power: 3/5
Range: 3/5
Speed: 1/5

Basic Attacks, survival, and passive skill

Montana’s Minigun

A truly fearsome weapon, the Minigun accumulates heat as it fires, increasing bonus damage dealt. Augments can increase or modify this effect.

There is more than meets the eye to this very large gun as it heats up as you fire it and you have to manage it to prevent it from overheating, but as it heats up it does more damage and you can augment healing or damage based around the temp of the gun.

Hearty Constitution

Montana’s remarkable size allows him to soak up a substantial amount of damage.

Montana has the largest health/shield pool in the game and also while his body is huge his head is tiny making him a harder target to crit than one would think, making his massive health seem even larger. He also has many ways in his Helix tree to increase his ability to tank.


The hotter Montana’s minigun is, the more bonus damage it deals.

This goes back to what I said above about managing your guns temp, hot is good but too hot is not.

Special Abilities

Lumberjack Dash

Montana dashes and collides with an enemy, dealing 208-280 damage and knocking them back. If the hit enemy hits an object or ally, they are stunned for 1 second.

While the big gun is slow doesn’t mean he can’t move when he needs to, this is going to be very valuable to close that gap and I predict it will be used many times not to hit enemies but move closer similar to how many zer0 players use execute sometimes just to close a gap before they shoot.


Loads a specialized ammunition that slows enemies hit and uses less heat per shot. Also adds armor that reduces damage taken.

This skill has really peaked my interest with Montana, often slow tanks are not for me but the heat management of the mini gun does interest me. So with this you cool the gun and slow down your enemies as well as tanking yourself even more. I can’t wait to see how that all plays out.


Stomp the ground, dealing 525-750 damage and knocking up nearby enemies. Montana takes reduced damage for 8 seconds after.

I linked that video because they use a similar animation to target where you will land with this and I’m also a huge kids in the hall fan.

But about the skill, I think its great for multiple reasons. More tank, enemy distuption, and the helix makes it so you can kick the damage back in multiple ways.

Helix Tree

Tier 1


Increases Lumberjack Dash’s dash distance. + 50% Dash Distance


Increases Minigun accuracy while Hailstorm is active. +30% Accuracy

Both of these seem to have pretty equal value at first glance, the dash will be huge since he is so slow but also I’m guessing accuracy will help since I doubt the mini gun is very accurate.

Tier 2


Montana knocks nearby enemies upward at the end of Lumberjack Dash.


Increases the knockback effect of Lumberjack Dash.

This one is another toss up, I don’t know how different the knock up vs knock back will be, not much else to say at this point.

Tier 3


Increases Montana’s maximum health. +250 Health


Decreases Minigun spin-up time. -30% Spin-up Time

The classic DPS vs Survival skill, this might depend on the rest of your choices and fill in what you need. Both seem quite nice.

Tier 4


Minigun heat decreases with each shot fired while Hailstorm is active.


Your bullets burn enemies, adding bonus damage over time. Increases Minigun heat accumulation per shot fired when Hailstorm is active. +24 Damage Per Second

This is one of the most interesting tiers, while over cooling sounds bad at first it lets you go ham without fear of overheating and that sounds great. But adding DOT’s to enemies also sounds nice but you risk overheating faster… I love it

Tier 5


Montana’s health regeneration rate increases the lower his Minigun heat is.


Montana’s health regeneration rate increases the higher his Minigun heat is.

Once again fire vs ice, more interest from me and more ways to play him. These also play big into how you spec in this other tiers.

Tier 6


Increases Montana’s maximum shield strength. +195 Shield


Montana’s Minigun no longer overheats. Every shot fired beyond maximum heat capacity damages Montana.

Once again DPS vs Survival but this time the DPS can hurt you, but if you combine this with Fire Storm and Hot-Blooded the results could be really interesting

Tier 7


Lumberjack Dash deals extra damage to enemies while Hailstorm is active. +25% Damage


Increases Hailstorm’s skill duration. +2 Seconds Duration

I’m really not sure what to think of this tier, it seems to me you would want to be shooting while Hailstorm is active so I don’t know if I get Icebreaker, I guess you can storm, slow down enemies and hit them. Ice age just seems better to me right now, but once again I have not played it yet.

Tier 8


Reduces the cooldown of Lumberjack Dash, allowing more frequent usage. -25% Cooldown


Increases Lumberjack Dash’s impact damage. +15% Damage

I would use Too Big to Fail just because I’m a lib and I love the name, but to me it also sounds better. With the big guy being so slow the dash might really help his movement and disrupt the field, so using it more > it being stronger IMO.

Tier 9


Intensifies Hailstorm’s slowing effect, further reducing enemy movement speed. If Firestorm augment is active, its damage over time effects are lengthened.


Increases weapon damage while Hailstorm is active. +14% Damage

I really love Bullet Buff the more I look at it, fire storm, hot blooded, and feel the burn combined with this looks like mayhem. You can hit the enemies easier and just spray dots and slowdown everywhere. Perfect storm sounds good too but less fun.

Tier 10


Absorbs damage taken while Mansformation damage reduction is active. When Mansformation ends, an area of effect attack is unleashed after 3 seconds, returning absorbed damage to nearby enemies.


When Mansformation damage reduction is active, incoming enemy fire is reflected back at the attacker.

Both of these sound pretty fun, take damage and your enemies get hurt more. They are perfect capstones for a tank character like him. I kinda like the idea of the AOE better but reflection might be more effective. I can’t wait to play with both of them to be completely honest.


Wow? Almost a year, and no love for the big man? Come on, he’s a meat mountain with a big frigging gun, doesn’t that interest some people?


It does me, but I’d like to see some gameplay footage. :smile:

There is some gameplay footage of Montana in the Co-op campaign demonstration from last year. Do note that some things have changed over time. Like the helix skill tree now going to lvl 10 (instead of lvl 15). But the basics are there.

Looking at the size of Montana’s Mini Gun it’s as big as some of the other heroes. Can we actually still call it a “MINI” gun ? Or does the gun have a nickname like ‘mighty mouse’ ?

It’s mini in the sense that it is a size of gun that would normally be classified as a cannon but fires smaller shells that are more ‘machine gun’ caliber.

Also I noticed that in the little bits of video in newer gameplay that Montana’s gun doesn’t sound as loud nor does it shake as much. That because of the heat level or has it been changed?

I saw that one but was hoping for more. :wink: I also wouldn’t mind seeing the Rune Ax in action as well.

I vote for the MANlygun.
That would fit the guy. Heh.

There’s a video of a playthrough with Caldarius which features Montana to a small degree. I noticed that Montana doesn’t sound like Brock Samson anymore. He sounds more like Bender. Has there been a change in his voice actor as well as his shooting animation?

I’m always interested in a meat mountain.

Where’s the Montana love?! :dukeangry:

I just gave the OP some love, I’ll update the helix later, my stomach just let me know its time to eat.

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Hye, I have some interest playing as this guy. But it bugs the hell out of me how buff he is compared to his head.

That’s a good thing. :smile:
It needs he has a tiny critical hitbox.

Fair enough. From a gameplay standpoint that would make sence, considering he’s the tank in this game.

I feel your pain. His meathead body with a squirrel sized head can be quite perplexing (don’t mention it to him he’s quite sensitive about it).


I love that kind of stuff, everything in the game looks its own way. Very little is standard looking.

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ikr. it’s one of the best things about this game

It’s funny - I was showing off the trailers to some buddies trying to get this game on their radar and as soon as they saw Montana their response was “Well we know who Thor’s playing”. You see ever since Wolfenstein 3D if there’s a chain gun/minigun in a game my friends and family know I’ll be using it when possible. Oh the memories of this thing:


The thing is, with all of the other amazing characters already announced (and nine more to come), Montana isn’t even in my top ten of characters I want to check out. That’s not Montana’s fault, but, I think, speaks to the quality and diversity of the characters Battleborn is including. A lot of them simply look like a ton of fun to play. Of course I’ll get around to Montana eventually (can’t fight my nature, after all), but, to me, he just doesn’t have that “WOW” factor some of the others do. Just my two cents.

And that makes the character roster so great. Each is unique and have alot to offer, which makes you want to try out atleast a few of them.

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