Montana Feels Broken

Went up against a few Montanas today that were crushing EVERYTHING and one in particular we couldn’t kill. I was playing Kleese and he could kill me before I could even get away or drop his shields. He was rocking attack dmg and attack speed and junk and he went 37-0… carried their team so hard it wasn’t funny. We even teamed up on him and he killed us all. I don’t know what is going on with him but more often than not I run into one that just SLAUGHTERS everything. On average I usually go 10-2 as Kleese playing mostly defensively with only 3 losses (all with a montana / galilia) but when they can just roam about behind our lines it feels a bit unfair. Didn’t help it was a full premade of rank 80+ and my team was all randoms with me (20) being the second highest. So either matchmaking needs fixing or Montana is just that strong. But maybe I just need a better loadout or something.

I primarily play as Montana, but I always run regen/health/damage reduction gear. With maybe attack speed.

I’ll have to try attack speed and attack damage (and his legendary) and see if I notice a difference.

Though, Kleese is a giant target for not having a lot of health. Have you tried playing as Montana?

Some things to keep in mind about Montana:

  • His ultimate reduces all damage by a lot. I want to say 50%?
  • one of the level 10 upgrades reflects this reduced damage back at the attacker
  • His hail storm reduces damage by 25%
  • Hail storm slows enemy attacks
  • There’s a helix that increases hailstorm’s reduction by another 25%
  • Miko makes Montana (more) terrifying
  • Without helixes, the minigun is very inaccurate at longer ranges
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Yeah as a Kleese main he scares me. My chair is clunky and easy to hit in the first place, so adding in his damage I just have to run when I see him. I have indeed played a bit of Montana to know what I am going up against but I didn’t have a loadout for him. I just need to get a better loadout or something to counter him x.x

Montana does lot of damage close up but cant keep it up.

I run a suicide Montana, picking up ‘Feel the burn’ at lvl 6, and using ‘The Cooler’ from 3 I want to say, combined with a raised health regen health boost and critical increase makes him very scary… But I’m stabbing myself to hurt you more… And if I have a good Ambra/Kleese/Miko at my back with a long lasting more damaging hailstorm my minigun almost never stops firing…

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yeah im pretty sure that was the case with the last match I did. He didnt have pocket heals but he never stopped firing and melted me in 2 seconds flat lol

It must be their gear…

Yeah he was a Master of Montana so im guessing his Legendary Item had something to do with it :stuck_out_tongue:

Probably. It reduces heat accumulation once the heat rises to 85% or more, plus Montana has two other skills which reduce heat accumulation allowing him to fire longer.

I was fine with his rate of fire and duration. But man did he melt me as Kleese faster than I though possible lol.

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Well, Kleese is a bit squishy without his shields…Throw on a shield penetrating item and he’s done for because of his big hitbox.

Kleese has to ambush Montana to win, it requires that you set up though…

Marquis and Thorn eat up Montanas like nobody’s business.

You’re just gonna have to accept that in a direct fight, Kleese has a bad MU against Montana. Kleese is one of those larger characters like Montana himself so Montana is able to hit him more often and more dependably than smaller, agile ones like Thorn.

But most Kleese players I know play pretty much exclusively from well behind minions. If you’re that far back, it’s very difficult for montana to get you.

I can slaughter with montana, but that’s pretty much only if I get the stun with lumbersjack dash. And thier teammates don’t jump it with CC of their own. Otherwise, he does a lot of inaccurate damage, which makes it easy for foes to run away from his onslaught once they realize they are in his sights.

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Okay I’m going address that montana in extremely broken. My first time ever playing montana I went 24-3 with no healer on my back either, if you get the knock up on his charge and combine that with his ultimate, you can do a total of near 800 damage by linking them together. And there is not a single thing you can do to stop it once the first knockup hits. After that you just hailstorm for about 30-40 damage per bullet and even more if you have burn added to hailstorm. That’s not right when hes ment to be a tank, 3000-4000 health and can do 1500 damage in under 6 seconds if done correctly. He needs fixing to make him weaker

Alright, I’m going to try not to let my favoritism with Montana show here.

“Extremely broken” is an overstatement, regardless of anything else. Galilea was “extremely broken”. Alani might be “extremely broken”. Montana, at worst, is maybe a little overtuned.

Next, using an ability and an ult to do about 800 damage is pretty on par. I’d like to know how many times you were able to do that, though, without being CCd and killed on the front line. Unless you caught someone “with their pants down”, in which case: most Battleborn can capitalize on such a mistake.

There is no “30-40” damage on hailstorm. At level 1, it’s 16-24. At level 10, I think it’s 26-34.

“1500 damage in under 6 seconds if done correctly”. What does ‘correctly’ mean? If the enemy stands in front of you and doesn’t dodge your shots? It’s very hard to do consistent dps against anything further than close range.

Lastly, Did you only play the one match? How did everyone else on your team do? How did the enemy team do? One match is not a valid sample size for most kinds of statistical analysis.

Now, my concerns for my favorite hero, Montana. His mini gun does a ton of damage at close range. Mansformation and Hailstorm (and if you take the extra damage reduction on Icy Resolve) negates a very high amount of damage. His health pool is deceptive, I’ve killed many Mikes that thought they could just trade into me. It is easy for him to kill you (or allow his team to kill you) if you get caught by yourself… and near a wall. A dedicated Miko makes him nearly unstoppable.

However, he’s slow… like really slow. And super easy to hit. Someone earlier mentioned that Marquis (or thorn) can do a deceptive amount of damage to our lumbering lumberjack. Like most Battleborn, CC ruins his day. If you’re a ranged character and far away, odds are pretty good you can outdamage Montana. If I use lumberjack dash on your team, guess what I don’t have to use as an escape? Lumberjack dash.

Montana might be a shade powerful. But it’s certainly not gamebreaking. Don’t stand there and take his minigun fire and you’ll probably be fine.

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I’ve been playing Montana exclusively in PvP for the last few days (lvl 15 master of Montana), and I grin when I see an enemy Kleese on the team. Kleese is a perfect spherical target that fits perfectly in the circular reticule of Montana. Every bullet will hit you, and you melt beautifully. It’s not so much that Montana is overpowered, it’s just that Montana vs Kleese is an awful matchup for Kleese. Like Benedict vs Rath or something is an awful matchup for Rath.