Montana Fire Side Sing Along Lore wont register?

(Kazuma92) #1

What should i do? Im always using the Firestorm ability, but in the lore challenge i have 0/15000 point. So how it works?

(Creator of the Battleborn Discord) #2

It may or may not be related to this:

(Kazuma92) #3

So maybe my case is a bug? :confused: Someone has this problem too?

(Can't stand ya) #4

You have to sing the Montana song while you use the firestorm skill for the achievement to unlock.

But seriously I have seen other people reporting the same problem lately.

(30% more flak) #5

I’m not sure what this fix means but it could potentially have something to do with this?

(Enotsilver) #6

I just logged on again today and was trying to get the Fireside sing along and ir is still not functioning for me

(30% more flak) #7

Well that sucks… :frowning:

(Enotsilver) #8

Yeah I have been stuck at 3536 of 15000 for a while now

(Kazuma92) #9

I tried to play with Montana again, and its not woriking… 0/15000.

(hawked_up) #10

Same issue

(Thechubbychas3r) #11

Agreed this is my last lore before platinum it sucks being stuck here

(SneakyBuffalo) #12

What’s platinum? (aside from the in-game currency, which I don’t think relates to achievements, right?)

By the way - I, too, cannot finish Montana’s Firestorm lore challenge. I submitted a ticket 2 days ago.

(30% more flak) #13

Platinum is the trophy you get on PS when you 100% a game.

(SneakyBuffalo) #14

Ahh, I see :slight_smile:

I got a response to my ticket this morning - it says they know about the problem and are working on a solution.

(Perajr) #15

Me too, and this is the third battleborn buged. Kleese, Thorn and now Montana.

(ashyjet) #16

Me too, and friends also have this bug, it sucks!

(Influencer Guy) #17

Can you guys post your Profile IDs and platforms here?

(SneakyBuffalo) #18

If you can tell me how to find this, I will :slight_smile:

(Influencer Guy) #19

Sure! From the main menu, just go to “Options”, then “Support Info” and your Profile ID will be there:

(Creator of the Battleborn Discord) #20

I’m really glad that I managed to master Montana before the patch causing this issue went live. It sounds like a really frustrating bug if you’re a lore hunter. Two of the staff members for the Battleborn Discord have this bug and they bring it up from time to time. I’ll pass along the info from the above post so they can send their platform and Profile ID to support.