Montana firestorm

For some reason I just completed full run of heliophage with firestorm on and got zero firestorm damage

It may be a problem associated with the one Joe mentioned in this thread. I’d pop in there and mention this so the team can look at it. That or submit a support ticket.

Put in a support ticket and the response I got had nothing to do with the issue in having… What would be the next step

Let’s ask @JoeKGBX about it. Joe, does the team have any information on this? Can this be caused by the lore challenge issue?

@ericfriedman94: you may want to post what you sent to support and what they replied with.

I’m having the same problem - Firestorm is stuck at 0/14,000 for me, no matter how much fire damage I do. I even did a trial run where I didn’t activate any gear and didn’t take any Helix upgrades except for Firestorm at level 4 to make sure there were no conflicts.

When I came online yesterday afternoon looking for a solution, I found this thread, then went over to the thread you mentioned and posted there, but I haven’t gotten a response yet. I can submit a support request as well, if you think it will help. I haven’t tried for this issue, but similar to ericfriedman94’s experience, I submitted a report ticket for something else about two weeks ago and the support response, while humorous and awesome, wasn’t helpful.

They said it was fixed in the patch today but still nothing…

Dude yes! I was doing this fricking lore all day and realized it’s the same number! Last night I screen shot it at 13,776 and tonight after a full day of firestorm on pvp and pve, it’s 13,776!!! What the heck!!!

So on update day they had announce a fix to this do you know if there is any word of when the fix is being implemented?

It should already be fixed. If you’re still having problems, try submitting a support ticket.

nope tried it a couple minutes ago. didn´t work

This is broken for me as well on PS4. Anyone know an ETA on the fix?

How does one submit a report ticket? I want montana’s legendary gear

No clue I have now submitted 2 support tickets and both times they have responded as if I was talking about the finished his lore but didn’t get the legendary item glitch most people are having… So no word at all on the actual problem It seems a lot of people are having

I have 0/15000 firestorm damage which makes absolutely no sense

Go here. Make sure you specify that his firestorm lore isn’t incrementing and that you’re not getting the lore item bug.