Montana glitched

So no matter how many times I kill things with lumberjack dash it still only says 4/50. Can we please get this fixed?

It’s not glitched, something else must be killing them. Do a solo campaign mission and try to use Lumberjack dash on skulks, primals, and swarmers. Be sure you’re using either the base form, or the knock up. Lastly, don’t use DoT it’s not great, and can take the kill from you before you dash.

There’s a bug with his level 2 helix. Some of the options make it so you can’t get the lore challenge. Just do a story mission without getting his level 2 helix, and you’ll do fine.

i know that I am hitting stuff as I have literally killed 10-15 battleborn in PVP and did an entire story mission using nothing but LJ dash. I did not know about the level 2 helix. do you just not choose any helix throughout the course of the game then?

Yeah, this is true as far as I can tell. I used to use the middle helix perk for his dash but it would rarely award me a kill for the lore. As soon as I changed it for the knock up helix option, it started counting my kills and I got it pretty quickly after that.