Montana is not the beast he was

Hello all! :slight_smile:

I am sad. My main is dead. Without the ally collision I’m finding my man Montana no where near the level he was before. He was brilliant at defending a push, colliding allies into each-other and stunning them. Now I feel pretty powerless. It’s fun and all having a minigun but without the dash stuns it is not the playstyle I liked.

I guess I’ll have to go knockup now :frowning:

Any tips for adapting?

yeah, I think in general I’ve noticed a “softer” Montana. I’ve usually had some struggles going 1v1 against him with attikus, but the last number of days he’s lost everytime.

I’m actually glad you’re having a hard time. nothing personal, dont get me wrong, but why should someone with a minigun be able to hold his own against a large melee character? It seems pretty balanced to me honestly.

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Wow, “dead” is a bit excessive. Most places you fight enemies there is a wall or some form of terrain to stun them. Also I’m pretty sure you can stun if you hit them into the minions. I have pulled this off myself unintentionally. More times than not I use my dash to displace the enemy as opposed to stunning for a kill anyway.

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But in the context of the buffs he seems a lot more squishy than before. Maybe I’m imagining it bit I am getting absolutely melted frequently.

On the subject of the knockup has anyone ever tried stacking skill damage and chaining the ultimate?

yeah, it is now. LOL. To counter your argument, Melee’s should be able to take “ranged” guys easily. Montana was just too much of a ranged and tank.

They did nothing to change his tankiness, are yall tricking yourselves or something, only change is allies collision, and besides There are walls everywhere


Seriously, why does this thread exist. The only changes Montana has received are this player collision and lore changes. Other than that he is the same as day one. Montana can still easily stun enemies by knocking them into literally anything else. Saying he’s dead because of this one thing is an incredible overstatement.


Exactly. I haven’t noticed him playing any different in both PVE and PVP. Attikus can melt just about any BB if he gets he drop on them.

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Most aoes have been nerfed, it’s likely a placebo as he should now be surviving more easily.

Actually from the looks of things they dropped his stun to 1 sec?(coulda been in the notes but I might have missed it) while I don’t think it breaks his character I do think that weakening any aspect of him is utterly ridiculous. Level 2 used to be a fairly preferential thing but the stun tweak is probably gonna make me take the knock up every time now. Which is an utter shame as I preffered blast far more than anything else… :frowning:

I never even thought about how the unit collision stun would affect Montana. Everyone was so busy talking about Boldur at the time and how it would affect boldurdash that I forgot about the fact Montana had the same mechanic. But it’s more important on him because his kit is less loaded. I played him recently and was severely dismayed

I haven’t noticed a change in his tankiness. I recently did a match where I was Montana on Incursion, and was actually able to take a LOT of damage from the sentry, minions and enemy battleborn without dying for a long time. Granted, I had a Miko who stayed near and popped heals whenever I got low, but I also wasn’t optimized because I accidentally brought my Mellka loadout instead of my tank loadout. I don’t think his ability to tank has changed at all.

Not sure on the stun helix changes. I’ve always taken the knock up so I can’t comment on that one.

After some games last night you can full on facetank a sentry with a pocket Miko. I wasn’t getting damaged at level 4 enough to be noticeable.

I agree his kit is so limited that taking away the knock into allies stun does hurt him but I think I am adapting. Is the skin shorter? It certainly feels so.

My dead statement was obviously wrong and I was sad at losing my favourite ability. The blast isn’t as useful now either.

The good news is, in the Attikus dlc Montana can do just fine, it’s poor Dragon who can’t stay alive.

Why are yall acting like he changed, the stun is the same and no, he is not shorter, there are walls everywhere, uses them

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No. It’s not the same. He got one of those completely useless 1 second stuns. He really can’t afford that on top of no player collision to capitalize on his stun

Even if it is one second only, he has possibly the BEST slow in the game, I don’t understand it, if you think he needs to stun 2 people at the same time, he does not, he is fine 1 sec stun is enough to slow them

But Montanas problem is that by the time you fire up the minigun they are out of stun and you did barely anything but inconvenience them. It might make the spin up time removal on the helix more useful.

No, you have a slow, and it ain’t like dragon having to wait to get in first person