Montana is too good at killing himself

While playing as Miko I was healing my team’s Montana but, he failed to watch his health and killed himself with his own overheat self-hurt ability.

Note: I only used my healing beam on him and used Transfusion as often as possible.

That’s the point you trade off hurting yourself to potentially never stop shooting until you’re dead/low.

A commitment to dakka which would bring a tear to Salvador’s eye.

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Give till if hurts

Lol that was a terrible montana.
Why couldnt he go for the more regen the hotter the gun is. Balances the damage and helps miko or ambra do some major healing.

If you were dedicated to healing him and he died, then it’s his own fault.

ANY damage reduction item (~5% is good) and the health regen when gun is hot should be enough to even you out. Add in a healer and call it GG.

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