Montana lore challenge help

are you able to kill minions with lumberjack dash and have it count towards his lore challenge

yes but pick knock up as opposed to knock back. knock back kills for whatever reason dont register

His helix mutation for level 2 is a good one as well.

thats that is actually working im up to 41 lumberjack kills now

does that one still work since its technically knockback not knockup?

It’s kill. It doesn’t matter how you do it, as long as you kill enemies with the dash.

would i be able to do lore challenges like this in private matches too?

Easiest way to farm minion kills is in Algorithm, after Geoff. When there are swarmers simply ignore the big ones, kite them back to Geoff’s room, and whenever your skill comes off cooldown use it to mop up all the litttle ones. Rinse, and repeat.

Took awhile to get Kleese’s lore, but that’s 1000 kills with his ult … long cooldown on that one. Just do it solo or duo in private and you’re all set.

Everything but private PVP. I got my mastery via story mode.