Montana lore challenge not completing glitch

I finished all of Montana’s lore today, along with making him rank 15 and playing the match as that level. Yet I’ve received no master of title or the skin. It still tells me I need to do another lore challenge yet I completed them all. A little help would be great on fixing this issue as a lot of work was put in.

Yeah. I have the exact same issue. all of my life challenges have been completed but it still registers as 4/5. Do I need to supply my shift support ID?

Play one more game.

Let me know if that triggers it.

Yep did both a vs and a story map and no change, still says 4/5.

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Well, shiz. I’d submit a ticket, then. Which Challenge, btw?

Having the same problem too…

In the command it shows all are finished but in the challenges it shows I’m missing 1

Was really looking foward to the legendary piece too

Also having a problem with this glitch. Am lvl 15,have now played 2 games, no unlock :confused: