Montana Lore Glitch?

So i’ve tried about 5 different times, both in pve and pvp, to make any progress on Montana’s challenge to deal 15k damage with Firestorm. I definitely select firestorm at rank 4, and deal loads of damage, but if i check even now, its still 0/15k. Has anyone else experienced this or have a solution?

I ran into this just yesterday.

Make sure you’re not insta-gibbing enemies. The damage is calculated base off of the extra dot, not the actual bullet damage. So if you activate the ability, but kill the enemy too quickly, then no extra damage is dealt.

If it’s still not working… then yeah, that’s probably a bug.

Do you activate the skill?

Yes lol, i have about 20 of the characters mastered, but montana’s wont work for me

Just making sure lol.

Weird one for sure. Try applying the DOT to larger enemies, if it’s still not ticking lodge a support ticket.

Yeah i’ve gone through entire missions, at some point i should have done some dot damage. Especially on missions where i did over 100k+ total damage

You’re not using any negative skill damage gear either?

I’ve seen Kelvin’s use -skill dmg shard generators and be unable to chomp minions.

Contact gearbox support… they’re realy fast compared to other studios.
The title coopetition didnt unlock for my team and i made a screenshot of it.
After i contacted them it just took 30 minutes to send me an email where they said it will now get unlocked with the next login.
So i guess they might help and fix it for you too.

Same thing happening here - I had Montana at around level 3 from way back when the game first came out and recently started working on him; the Firestorm Lore is stuck at 120 and won’t move at all.

I had this bug earlier today.