Montana Lore - No Charge for the Evaluation

50 kills with the dash is unjustifiable considering how lucky you have to be to get one without a teammate getting to the kill first. Also, I was at 12 dash kills at the start of the day, I know for a FACT I got at least 5 more throughout the day (insanely lucky even if I were to have only gotten one dash kill) , and I was only credited for one kill, giving me 13 total with a lifetime grind of 37 left?? At this rate it will take a solid 85 years to complete. Can it be lowered to something more reasonable like 25?

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I got it in 2 sittings. Go kill stuff in campaign


Didnt get credit for anything in campaign and i played the mission all the way through

I’m having the same problem. I’m 95% certain there is a bug with how it counts “killed with lumberjack dash”…I have hit people dead on, instant killing them and afterwards i get no credit. Im wondering if the shockwave mutex, is overriding lumberjack, or maybe the damage is being dealt by the enemy hitting an object(even though they die on contact with me, they could be colliding with ground below, so i don’t get credit for the damage)…

also, It does not count kills in campaign…if it works 1/10 times for me, i would have got 20 from that story mission i played.

When are they doing patches? This is extremely annoying, every lore is a breeze apparently but this is glitched to hell and back.

This should work in Public Story mode. I got it done rather easily.

13 in one week = a lifetime grind of 3.8 weeks…

Your maths are bad.

I did it in two public story modes. It works

Did your parents ever tell you how much of a genius you are? Because you’re really smart man. Really. Smart.

Did it in private story, took probably 100+ kills to get credit for the 30 some I still needed (all were done the same way). Something’s wrong with how the system determines the dash kill.

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The shockwave mutation does override lamberjack. Since I unlocked it and start using it the counter stopped. Today I intentionally chose another helix to check it out and got +2 kills. Not much considering I use it like constantly but at least it works.

I’m just past 30 and private matches should ALL count towards Lore challenges… Also it wasn’t counting my minion kills in incursion… Um… A kill is still a kill right?

Yeah I used the level 2 mutation and I went from 1 to all 50 in an incursion match

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Something weird is going on with this challenge as I’m having the same issue you are. I swear I get kills with it but they’re not counted. As others have said they’ve gotten credit for doing it in story mode though I guess it must work. I’ll keep at it but it is a really annoying challenge as Lumberjack dash is just not meant to be a killing move. I keep trying to ping guys down and then hit them with the dash but either I kill them with my gun accidentally or they survive the dash. Then of course, there are the times I’m sure I got a kill but it doesn’t count for some weird reason.

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I agree. I use Montana almost exclusively. Have tried PvE and PvP and have been stuck at 27. I am certain I have KOd with lumberjack dash without receiving lore credit. I have always selected lvl 2 mutation. Maybe that is the issue

Been there,done that.
It gave me trouble,try not getting the mutation with the aoe on the knockup. No kill can be counted toward the challenge when you take it.
I’m a bit late but if it can be useful.

Yeah, I picked the AOE on Dash and the level 8 right helix. Was killing whole waves with my dash but none of it registered. Why would I ever want to use dash as a finisher if I can’t even use the highest damage build for it? This is idiotic.