Montana Op - One Shots and Low Margin for Error

I have to say the Montana and the Demon Bear is by far the most frustrating PvE experience I’ve had playing Battleborn.

With encounters like a buffed Varelsi Disrupter and Varelsi Defiler at the same time, or a buffed Varelis Channeler, Varelsi Defiler, Thrall Enforcer, and Thrall Bonecrusher at the same time, the chance of being CC’d with no way to avoid a high damage / one shot attack happens way too often even outside of the boss fight.

And then there’s the boss fight itself. Random knock-ups (I hate these the most, since there’s NO way to avoid them, they just happen…), stuns from the boss, mini knockback stuns from the cubs, slows on the floor, and one shots from the alphas, ghosts, and cave-ins mean that if one of those way too many CC effects gets to you the chance is too high that you’ll get killed. And the chance your team mate can get you back up is way too risky to justify it.

There’s little-to-no margin for error. One CC and it’s over. I get that the fight is setup to encourage you to move around. But if you’re melee, or a healer trying to help melee, or a team mate trying help another back up, the fight is just absurd, and plain not fun.

I don’t know where to start to fix it, other than just getting rid of the random knock-ups. Unavoidable CC? Who thought that was a good idea?!

Otherwise, either the damage on the Alphas Void Spheres needs to be trimmed, or the Ghost’s need to be knockback-able like Boom Bots, or get rid of all the friggin’ CC. It’s too much CC + One Shotting. It’s like a Raid in a poorly designed MMO and it ruins what is some of the best Lore / Fluff / Story Telling to come out in the Ops yet…

Ran it solo ending up at 95 Ops Points starting from 45 and ended with 0 extra lives, having dealt 135k damage, and only taken 34k to lose those 6 lives because of all the One Shotting…

What is everyone else doing to survive this Op, because it is not even close to what the others were like. Even Attikus was short, at least, and had defensible positions. This Op has literally put a Varelsi Channeller and two Brutes on an island the size of the Spawn area in PvP!

I’ve unlocked every skin and taunt from the past 3 Ops, usually 100 pointing them, but I’m hesitant to even go for skins on this Op, it’s not fun at all, it’s just a slog…


i totally agree on this. i LOVE the story but i have a very good team and we barely make it each round. We didn’t have a lot of problems with Aria even with 3 people in the match, but this one is tough. I really do hope we will figure out some tricks, otherwise the ops isn’t very replayable.


I’m glad I’m not the only one seeing this. I thought I was going crazy and missing something obvious.

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I actually enjoy the bossfight more than any other boss in Battleborn, BUT the way to get there is…torture is a to hard word, but it´s my hardest PvE experience since Halo:Reach solo on legendary difficulty.

So far I managed to finish the OP with maximum of 55points. Now I´m at a threshold I cannot overcome yet. Especially the heavy thrall-spawns in the second area breaks my neck… CC is not much an issue so far, its more to be swarmed by Evovled-Thralls while tons of Beastmasters spawn at the same time :cry:

I often said I´m bad at PvP, but PvE is another story. It´s actually scratching my pride that I´m not able to beat this mission at 100points so far.

Besides that: Gorgeous map, great vibe, great dialogues, but its really a challenge of its own.


My son and I keep trying this one with Couch Co-Op, and it was a challenge until we get awarded 10 Ops points, and with no way to reset them it’s become a nightmare.
With few shards to activate gear, and hordemode enemies and no way to turn ti back down, it’s impossible, for now.
My son expressed his frustration in this manner, Shouting at the TV in his best “Crazy Earl” voice “Fix it Randy!”


I had similiar issues the first few times but found that retreating in each if the two big areas makes it much easier to focus down enemies. Go back through the door that you knock on to bait enemies out and isolate them. In the 2nd area theres a jump pad that will take you back up to the ledge - making things muhmch easier for ranged characters. Definitely need to be more cautious in this op than the others

Once you get to 100 OPs doing this solo is anything but fun.
Just now as Mellka, two disruptors and company on the first islands.
While I had the Melee the snipers challenge:


Hmm…Maybe I should try it Solo. So far we only tried it split-screen coop and the enemy spawns are pretty crazy.

Thank you for posting about this.

Normally, my friend and I power through the first 10 playthroughs of a new op the day after it comes out (because Friday), but this one is the exception. With all the CC, the one shots, the juggling, and getting hit by invisible who knows what in the boss fight, we made it to playthrough 8 and haven’t picked up the game since Friday. We’ll probably get back to it at some point, but it’s been incredibly frustrating. There’s nothing wrong with a challenge, but when that challenge feels unfair or unnecessarily infuriating, it saps all the fun out of playing.

I hope GBx readjusts some things and removes some of these issues. However, I do really appreciate that this op feels much more populated than some of the other ones. So, if possible, readjust some things, but don’t nerf this op into the ground. Like I said, challenge can be good so long as it’s not unnecessarily infuriating.

That heavy beastmaster wave is just ridiculous. It’s especially nasty if the give the kill an enemy on the balcony or build a turret challenge, cuz there’s always that one randy that acts like it’s on a timer and repeatedly makes a run for it and eats up everyone’s lives.

You gotta save as many lives as possible for that final boss, lots of one shots for most peeps and even with large health on defenses, it’s probably still likely the tanky character will die if they risk picking up a squishy character.

I beat it once at a hundred and I never want to do that again, lol. I use Alani with a shard generator, health regen/healing received purple, and a legendary op price that gave more and more health the higher the op points got.

Shard generator is very important for this map for gear. The least they could so is add a few more explody shard barrels on the nap.

Demon Bear seems to have a pull that launches you forward into the air, involving some kind of tentacle things on her back - this seems to happen in the first stage, especially if you’re kiting her around the pillars on the lower level. There’s one nova that’s signalled by her rearing up and then slamming down her front paws that has a knock up. Nova calls out the cave-ins so you just have to move fast. Some of the other effects also get a call out (“Siesmic activity is off the charts”) Not sure I’d want to have to deal with all that playing solo melee though - hats off to @wisecarver for doing it all at 100 OP.

This is my biggest complaint. I got spawn-camped by one of those groups and lost 3 lives in less than 3 minutes (most of which was spent re-spawning). That was solo at around 70 OP… I definitely think there needs to be some tweaks on this one, especially since you can’t really get away on the islands very easily.


All I gotta say is this - it’s impossible to get 85+ ops points with melee characters. I’ve done it with S&A and that’s it for the melee characters. Only reason I did ok was her switcherangs and overshield grab. I’ve failed misribly with Rath and Phoebe.

My last life with Phoebe - I got the bear down to lets say 10% life. He knocks me off so I take the jump pad up only to see about 15 decals in my landing zone. apparently he decided to drop the entire ceiling right where I was landing. needless to say I died instantly and havent played that ops since :stuck_out_tongue:

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…Difficult but not impossible. I can offer some tips if you want.
Even did 100 OPs as Dragon! :anger_right:

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After over 10+ playthroughs, I found that Nova doesn’t always call out the cave-in. Don’t know if it’s bugged or not, but sometimes there’s just no warning. Makes it even more frustrating when you don’t have any indication it’s coming. Plus, certain characters’ viewpoints make it difficult to notice the cave-in symbols on the ground in advance.

Try soloing as Reyna. I don’t know how I pulled that one off.

[Sideshow Bob grumble]

It is, of sorts. Kill too many enemies and the narrative proceeds, which then cancels out the point challenge. It’s most obvious at the final part before the boss.

There’s also the indicators for where the rocks were falling… I’ve still been one shotted by them falling on my sensitive little head. Maybe they could lower the damage output of them. I liked this Op way more than Battle School. I haven’t run through starting at 50, but at 95 points I finished solo only losing one life and with Boldur finished with plenty of lives at 88 points. This Op is easy to get surrounded and/or trapped with your back against the wall, so distancing when possible is crucial and with melee not charging into the center of battle. Lure enemies to you. Give yourself the advantage. The hardest part in playing with other folks, was they just rushed things and died. I haven’t failed this Op yet, knock on wood.

My hardest play through was Alani’s telling of the story, I finished it with zero lives left. It’s hard to get bonus lives in this one. Most of my playthroughs I don’t find any extra lives. That’s another thing I’d like them to change. Add a large chest or two with them in it.

I tried a couple playthroughs to try the new thing. Got to the part with the disrupter/alpha/channeler and whatever else all on the same small 5 foot island with other random mobs spawning in, kept getting hit by a triple knockup and died before I was ever able to touch the ground each time.

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From my experience it’s a very tough OPs. I’ve done many runs with friends that go really smooth…then others that aren’t so smooths. The abundance of 1-shots is the main issue. Brutes and their grenade or charge attacks, bomber thralls, etc.

As a team of 3 it is almost mandatory to have a competent support to keep everyone healthy at all times. My friend @matttgoodman and I usually don’t go in there without tanky Loadouts for everyone. Squad Goals + Free Shards + Health Regen/Damage Reduction

I like that it’s tough…but it can get insanely tough at times depending on what spawns and what challenges are given.

Alpha Bears should be removed.

Side Note: The level also has serious economy issues, needs more shards to get gear faster. It also has an issue with leveling, have yet to be level 10 during the boss battle. Level 7-8 at most, maybe 9 if I was lucky to find a level up orb thing.

…I’m doing every character at 100 OPs, the craziest was Dragon so far.