Montana - Please fix his model collision ffs

Montana’s collision box is almost 2x as large as his actual character model is. This means he is almost IMPOSSIBLE to run past or jump over, and he also absorbs all you f*cking shots when he stands in front of you (which he just LOVES to obliviously do…).

For a good example, try to get on the same activation pad as him - it’s quite literally impossible. His tiny little dwarf’s legs and feet may only take up like, 20% of the damn thing, but you cannot get within like 5 feet of them… >_<

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Oh God yes lol it’s so damn annoying

I was starting to think I was the only one being bother by this lmao.

…But then the entire game’s collision physics are really quite poor quality, and at this point I’d honestly be A LOT happier if they fixed the terrain collision.

I grow wearing of my character getting stuck when running over a pebble or a 1-inch rise in the ground… Y_Y

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I’ve seen people trolling just blocking doors with him at the beginning of the algorithm and with no kick option it gets insanely frustrating, I think they should turn character collision off for pve


Yeah, at the very least turn it off for abilities and attacks… >_<

Ugh, yes. The number of times I’ve turned to flee only to get boxed in by my teams own Montana.

I think they should make Montana the size of ghalt