Montana Story Op Solo with Alani

Gear and helix suggestions for getting through this?

I did it with :
Blue Healing regen + healing regen with less than 50% health
Legendary Damage reduction + healing regen
Purple Attack damage + attack speed

You just have enough to unlock all of them and buy one turret if needed for side mission.

I purposefully stopped at 85pts too.

Thanks! I’ll have to go through my inventory and see what I have available.

I can respect that!


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That’ll keep you alive while still giving decent damage.

Helixes: Level one, Geyser Heal

Level two: no difference in PvE

Level three: movement speed

Level four: Damage on riptide

Level five: Damage reduction if you have trouble staying alive, if not take the damage helix

Level six: Osmosis generation on riptide

Level seven: Cooldown on hits

Level eight: Faster eruption time

Level nine: Increased duration

Level ten: doesn’t make too much of a difference in PvE.


Well, it’s been a while, but I finally got around to trying this. Turns out I had all the items you suggested, which was good. I also rolled the Alani version of the story, which was even better. Unfortunately, I was pretty rusty and rolled some bad spawn combinations early, so I didn’t make it to 85 ops points but did complete the mission with >70. So, taunt acquired.