Montana, the man, the beard, the legend

He’s huge, he has tiny legs, a small head, but he’s the best when it comes to deal extreme physical pressure to bad people in the galaxy.
Also, he’s got his own song, if that isn’t badass whip my butt until I like it fine just like Montana.

Seriously though, he’s way better than what I remember from the CTT.


Yea, Monty definitely got a B.U.F.F. :acmaffirmative:

It’s about time Montana got some love. :dukeego:

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I love Montana! He is my favorite character to heal when playing Miko. Just healing him, while he recks EVERYTHING! Montana is the man! Coolest tank evah!


Montana is love, Montana is life.

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YES! I played with Monatana for the first time yesterday. First in a private game to test him out, second game online and he was so amazing! Nothing beats Montana.

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From my least liked in the CTT to my most liked in the BOB … Yea, and I repeat: Monty got a BUFF!!! :acmjk:

I have question, fire dot stack or just refresh?

I think the 1 thing that still comes across as a bit underwhelming with Montana is the ulimate abiltiy.

Mansformation takes a while to unlock (same patience as for every char) but I find that stomping the ground to have enemies fly for a second + getting some damage reduction is a bit of an anticlimax - in particular in comparison to the Dreadwinds and Extinction Events and Blade Cascades of the Raths, Ambras and Phoebes.

Other than that, I’d marry him.

I agree. I want my pinch slam back!

I honestly find Mansformation very usefull, especially against enemies which are on low health. Assured kill.

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Idk who recorded it, but I found his theme song on youtube! XD

So credits to whoever was great enough to do that! What a f*cking genius!


That’d be me. My name’s up the top left there. Hi. :wink:



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You don’t happen to have more lore things recorded/screenshotted? ;p