Montana tricks in pvp

Hello all!

I’ve been playing about with Montana and his control elements and building around dash. I’ve found the dash knockup really useful for setting up kills. Recently I got 33 assists by using this strategy.

A really undervalued helix is the +40 knockback option. I’ve found it really useful to flank a character dash them towards my allies then retreat to recover. Another use is to remove a Miko from combat or take a sniper off a perch.

Finally a dash with knockup into Mansformation can take a player out the game for good period of time. Useful again on supports.

Do you have any other set up plays you use? Any other tips / tricks?

Gear I use for my skirmish build is cooldown reduction, flawed shard generator and skill damage improvement.

Have you ever tried the mutation at level 2? Adds a decent amount of utility people don’t expect and often timed smartly leads to kills. Knock up is nice but stun just feels better. Dashing someone into your territory is pretty hilarious too

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