Montana's "accuracy"

How does the accuracy boost for montana work? does it make a wider hit-box, or something? You would think a miss is a miss, so I don’t quite understand how this works.

It tightens his spread.

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It tightens the spread on his minigun increasing the range that you can hit things at accurately.

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And it is very noticeable. He was lighting me up at distance that I have never seen him do it before.


Ah, I see, thanks.

I know, isn’t it great? VIOLENCE

Having been on the receiving end of a top-level “Snipetana” last night, I would have to say “No…no, it’s not.” Nothing says fun like using Caldi’s Gravity Rush as an escape and still having Montana snipe you from the first sentry courtyard when you’re at the second sentry’s entryway in Monuments…