Montana's legendary question

So does using his legendary effect how it naturally cools down as well if you overheated it? Assumedly no, but even more murky does hailstorm cool it down slower from like 99percent heat generated?

Given that you can only fire like, 5 bullets once you hit 99%, does it really matter?

Besides, Montana’s bonus damage happens incrementally. You get max bonus at around 80-90%.

Sorry lemme try to rephrase. It takes twice as long to go from 85% to 100% on his mini gun heat while his legendary is on. Now, does it take twice as long to naturally cool down from the 100 to 85 So long as his legendary is on?

The hailstorm part of my question is based off of shooting slowly drops heat generated once taking the cooler. So would it take longer to drop the heat passed the 85% threshhold with his legend on as opposed to the normal heat drop rate from not having his legend?

His cooldown isn’t changed, that doesn’t make much sense to me. Just remember this: If it doesn’t say so, it aint so.

Hailstorm only cools the gun while shooting, it’ll go down normally once you stop shooting.

I dunno, I mastered the guy and everything seemed pretty clear cut to me.

I know the answer SHOULD BE : Montana’s Legendary has no effect on cooldown or hailstorm.

The real answer is: It’s almost impossible to say.

I love the game, but there are more than enough weird bugs. Also, I generally don’t use Montana’s Legendary. Not until they make all character legendary gear max roll.

That was an answer I expected to hear. I don’t like it but figured that might be the consensus. On a side not I was pretty sure that character legends are max now. I think montanas legendary is good enough to take a non max roll one myself