Montana's Minigun 3D ( Where's the trigger go on this thing?) Update: UV/Texture/Render

I had some free time at work so I made Montana’s minigun.

By no means is this an optimized model, it was just something fun to do between projects. I may continue, idk yet.

Update: Uv/Texture/Render

Not exactly by the book because I like a few more rivets


This turned out really good! I’ve been thinking about making OM’s gun.


You totally should, I love OM’s rifle.


For your question:
It runs on mere willpower :stuck_out_tongue:
I think it has to do with one of the handles.

It’s done very well!

The first time I saw his gun I thought the handle was a hand crank and it worked like an old school organ grinder

I think I saw that @NatsumeRyu was working on one in one of her live streams… That is if you just wanted one. If you wanted to make one anyway, then just disregard this post.

I thought the same thing.

@khimerakiller I want to make one just to get more practice with different weapons in Maya.

I havent worked on montana, but Joe T. has! He gave the gun a twist throttle for activating the barrels :smiley:

Hell yeah! And it doesn’t require actual ammo feeding belt too. Aztanti tech, definitely.