Montana's Operation has to give more levels and shards!

It might be the longest operation, with more difficult enemies spawning than in other PvE maps, yet it gives next to nothing shards, which means you can’t get an expensive loadout without a shard generator, and I can’t even get to level 8 half the time during the boss battle (which btw is really hard and being level 10 would be great).

This is really bothering me, it’s my favorite operation narrative wise, but gameplay quirks hold it back from reaching true greatness.

P.S. Demon Bear having a better hitbox for melees would also be great.

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There’s already a thread on this, but i agree.



There is? Good.

I mean, not good that I can’t find it, but good that there is. Really want this to be tweaked, posted on reddit and here for visibility.

Yeah… I was going to link it for ya, but i can’t seem to locate it either…


Nevermind then, i guess you’re good to go.

@Jythri @JoeKGBX Please inform us on if this was intended, and if you plan to change this:

I would think it’s intended. People were upset saying TFR doesn’t have enough experience but if you do it right level 9 is easy to reach and 10 always be hit with some thinking.

Confirmation would be cool though haha

I don’t mind the shards or the levels but what I do mind is the lack of extra lives, like seriously on solo runs you literally have from 5 to 7 lives total and depending on what character you’re using and what run you get you lose 4 to 5 lives then it’s Demon Bear that if you die once you die twice cuz of the death pit in the middle and if you’re faced with alpha bears GG that’s it you’re dying, I actually just want them to put more big chest available on the run than just at the end of everything when it’s just useless.

Both the new ops are just bad due to the lack of testing put in. I payed 25 bucks for some half a…ed levels and its fairly frustrating to see them not take there time like they did with story mode and excpet people who actually payed full price to put up with it. I bough this game twice to show support and get swag. Tbh 300 hrs later… im regreting all my wasted hrz :confused:

This. Attikus’s gives up to 12 lives, which it needs at times, while Tobys gives upwards of 8-9 at times. Oscar’s I’ve only gotten at moght… 8? and Montana’s I think the only extra lives I’ve gotten have been from score lvls. Why are we getting diminshing extra lives as we get more OPs?

Also the exp seems to diminish as we get more OPS. Attikus I can hit lvl 10 before the boss, Toby’s I can cheese to get lvl 9 before the boss. You can cheese Oscars solo to get lvl 10, but with more people the exp drops dramatically I feel like, and everytime I’ve finished Montana’s solo I’ve been lvl 7. I actaully only get lvl 10 in Montana’s because the final chests gave me lvl ups.

Finally, each OPs gives us new OPs only gear, but they are only all obtainable in Attikus and Toby due to the lack of shards in Montana and Oscars. I’ve actually had to make a free shard gen build just to get gear to survive both of them (and those ridiculous Survive the whole round side missions in Oscars). I like the storylines in the new OPs but honestly if I’m not running them for skins, I feel like Oscars is the quickest for commander packs, and Attikus’s is the most reliable for 100 OPs points.