Monthly event feedback

Assuming that GBX has a once-a-month weekend event, what would you like to see? Would you like another Double Credit weekend? Would you prefer Double XP again? Or perhaps something else, like an increased Loot Drop Rate weekend?

Gotta say, I was pretty underwhelmed with this Double Credit event. I wasn’t really thrilled that they felt the need to implicitly state it only affected “credits earned”. Just give me double credits for everything, pickups included! I also didn’t really feel like I was earning much more than a normal game would’ve netted me, though I will admit I wasn’t keeping a spreadsheet of the numbers or anything. But after a game, I should look at the results screen and be like “yeeeeaaah gimme them credits, son!” I didn’t really feel that.

If you’re gonna have a monthly event, and it’s designed to bring people in and get them playing for the weekend, the event should really have more oomph to it. I played a few games this weekend, said “meh”, and didn’t really play any more than I normally would on a weekend. But when it was Double XP, I was going nuts playing all sorts of characters and maps, just boosting up levels.

TLDR; This weekend’s event was underwhelming, and GBX needs to punch it up for next month.

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While I agree it felt underwhelming compared to double XP, I think it had three good outcomes. A boost in players, a boost in credits (to put towards dlc characters specifically), and gbx tried something new.


Since I was level 100 this time and also getting Rath to level 15 I was eager to do that but I guess level 100 peeps didn’t get anything because as I was trying to level Rath I was only getting 56 character pts on Advanced Story mode.

I liked it, I buy a lot of faction specific loot packs so it was great for me. Double XP again would be nice though so we could master characters we might otherwise not under normal circumstances.

Increased loot drop spunds excellent for those rare top-tier items like Boots of the Brute and Symbiotic Gauntlet.

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receive platinum equal to 1% of credits earned


I confess, I hadn’t really thought about people who were at Command 100 already, as far as another XP event would go.

Did you guys really feel that the credits earned was noticeably more than normal?

Understand, I’m not complaining about the event. I just want GBX to make them as awesome as possible to keep the game going for as long as they can.

I’m not really into the whole double xp/credits thing either tbh.

I’m Command Rank 100 obviously but I’m more than happy to grind away at the Character Lores rather than level them to 15, although I don’t think i have completed a lore yet without hitting 15 first.

As for double credits…I have maximum 199 bank slots, I have season pass so no need for buying characters, I have yet to open a loot pack since the games release. Yes I said I have not opened a single loot pack! I had at last count around 130 loot packs to open so double credits is just meh.

I would prefer to see new taunts/skins reward events where you play this map/mode so many wins or such and such a score and you get this skin/taunt for only this weekend or whatever. Just as long as they are not pointless recolours and they actually put work into the skins/taunts.

Yes. I was able to buy faction specific loot packs a lot more frequently, every 2-4 games or so. I’ve been playing a lot of Mellka lately so I wanted some good Eldrid health gear and I got what I needed in one weekend, two greens with +max health secondary stats and a blue Eldrid vest, all with max stats and negatives ^^ All I need now is a blue Eldrid syringe, err point is I bought a LOT of loot packs and got all the gear I wanted plus taunts and skins so yes I noticed the difference ^^

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This was my experience. I felt a significant increase in credits. My problem wasn’t with the quantity of credits, it was that I had horrible luck with skins/taunts.

I think I got 1 skin but 8-10 coin packs and I don’t even have half the taunts/skins for that faction. On the plus side, it felt like the coin packs were doubled too (most gave me 1000) which afforded the next coin-pack-of-disappointment to punch me in the stomach that much sooner. The RNG gods were unkind this weekend.

I earned nearly 1200 credits on one incursion match alone and earned nearly as much on the others (they ended before the 30 minutes were up). I don’t remember how much I was getting in the story missions, but I heard someone else mention that those gave more credits the longer that the match took.

Fair enough. I guess I just had unreal expectations of the amount of credits I’d be seeing. Like, I was honestly expecting to see 1500-1800 per game. Don’t know why.

I’ve never gotten a skin/taunt from a bought pack :frowning:

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:rage: I would not be happy about that. Sorry dude!

I think if they do another Double Credits weekend, they should consider reducing the price of the packs (maybe 25-33%?).