Montys Athena Cosplay WIP

This will be updated in the next 24 hours or so with some better pictures… kinda just wanted to learn how to make a new thread!!

Anyways, Athena is well underway now. Finishing off the pants tonight. Chest armor is complete minus a paint job.

Vest is still a WIP adding all the small details to it.
Also need to get the rest of the armor cut out (patterned it out so far)

umm, yeah, i’ll update soon!


I’m excited to see this one, Monty!

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Awesome! I’ll be excited to finish it!

Almost finished the pants. Super excited about these. The first garment I have made completely from scratch! Well, I guess the vest is too, but its still a WIP


Oh monty. Why do you always pick my magey characters.

Looking good, keep it up.

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I will be honest, I just want to droll over monty…


OMG I have so many updates for this progress!! it’s so close to finished its not funny!

Do you know how much time have you put into this costume so far monty?

hmmm, I would think a good solid week of work?? Roughly?? but ive yet to finish the props, so as long as I don’t eff those up it actually all come along quite smoothly

Woah, I knew cosplay was an intensive work of art that took a lot of preparation to get right. But 168 hours in. Where do you find the time or energy? Is that why your always sick.

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When you start hand making each iten yourself, it clocks up the hours pretty quick!

And yes, its usually why I burn myself out all the time. push myself to the limits too often! You would think I would learn!

Just some of the pictures from my facebook page. The pants and vest are 100% finished now, well, all the clothing articles are except the gloves. the wig still needs styling, the props need finishing, and just a few paint touch ups on the armour left


Looks rad, @Montayva88!

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Looks awesome so far. What event do you think you’ll debut it at?

Bummer, all I’m getting are errors, prolly cause I’m on mobile, site still seems bit buggy for mobile devices. Really wanted to see how this was looking.

Y U NO USE imgur? ):