Moonfire M10 hits for Max dmg on Amara apparently

Yesterday a friend of mine send me this lets say interesting video.
I was quite impressed to see that this guy hits MAX DMG with this Amara.
Tho that got me thinking…
Let me explain.

If it is already possible to hit max DMG then how will the future of this game look like with like 2 lvl cap increases yet to come.
This is definitely busted and i cant imagine that the devs wanted some outcomes like this that early in the game.
Max DMG means basically 1 shot everything well except it has immunity phases for sure.

Also, I want to point out this guy did this with a pistol not a new one and it’s not one of those that will get a nerf very soon. At least I don’t expect it to be nerfed

Here is the vid.

Lemme guys know what cha think.


This only shows me that m10 and m10 scaling is a unbalanced. Crapfest. Bosses n mobs are puny already. Its just amara has such a superb amount of damage increases its rediculous. Whi2ke flak also has this ability its raw weapon damage and it has diminishing returns. Amara can do all 5 elements or basically 3 extra ase all the time. The fact that Amara reached the damage cap with a pistol shows a few things.

Anoints make the game and some characters beyond over powered. Trivializing the game.
Unlike bl2 where some mobs had their own Inherant resistances. Its just rock paper elements in this game.

Theyre nerfing mobs hps at m7-10. This is a bad joke.
Im already blowing them up with unoptimized gear with the weakest dps zane(his one shots require swapping which is basically an exploit).

In that case, I believe I have hit damage cap a few times with Fl4k and a Cheese Cake. Enemy eviscerated and can’t seem to catch the damage number in photo mode.

But this is to be expected more with a broken launcher than a pistol.

Well its just funny to me that all the people scream nerf this nerf that dont show up now and cry out loud about that horrible overpowered gear.

Cant wait for them to join this conversation.

Likely mayhem modifier that boost crit damage and abusing overkill.

That’s not the weapon that’s too strong, just a combo of mechanic, and overkill perk having a near infinite ability to stack with enough buff.

Now if you don’t OS the boss after carrying all your overkill, the next shot will tickle him

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I guess i can make this work on my FL4K too without overkill.
My FL4K hits very very hard and can keep up with very strong Amara Builds.

Tho i wasnt lucky enough to get a good moonfire M10 yet so i will let you know when i have the right gear and tested this thing out.

Bonus elemental damage is shaping up to be BL3’s version of the unlisted pellet + amp shield combo, huh?

I love it. Some people were saying, “blah blah blah 300v90 is only good on heavy weapons blah blah blah.” Now I can show them this.

I love how he just casually stands there, no shield and on fire, aims…and pop! I’m glad to see that the Moonfire is living up to the hype. It just never worked worked that well for me in M4 with my build (Zane), but now that I have Amara and Moze tearing it up while Zane stays at home, I’ll have to give it another go.

That looks like a hell of a lot of fun for about 2 minutes, and then you sigh from boredom, say thanks and goodbye, and uninstall Borderlands 3.

Really? Uninstall Borderlands 3? And your point is? To have fun? That my point of this game. I not going to argue so I’ll leave it the way it is.

I may be in the minority, but this is the kind of thing that excites me about this game. Right now the endgame content for me is figuring out how to make new builds with crazy interactions that make different guns shine.

Also, next week we should hopefully have even more weapons to play around with for builds with the balance changes. For me, that’s what this game is all about - not being op for the sake of being op, but figuring out new builds and having fun making things work

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Is this a thing? I’m totally down, but I haven’t seen anything besides conjecture.

On point: sometimes I like to steamroll, and it’s handy having weapons/builds that let me do this. Sometimes I don’t, and I use other weapons. Fade Away FL4K has this pistol now… will take another look at it the next time he comes up on the dice. I’m not sure I’ll get those results with it, but I’m sure it’ll work just fine.

Well, this has almost nothing to do with Amara, she just gets a headstart on the damage multipiers with her stacking up the action skill damage. Give Fl4k 1-2 Fade Away activations to catch up and they will both reach max damage. The factor that ramps up the damage into infinitum here is the overkill damage, which still has no cap, but should have had one from the get-go.


It’s not “max damage”. It’s just more than a billion.


if every time a youtuber come up with a borderline exploit you have to uninstall, you d better prepare a lot of installed copies or uninstall yours friends as well :rofl:
I mean even the cryptospike can break the game( you can look it up and prepare another uninstall)

What I have a hard time comprehending is I have seen over 1000mil damage in YT videos(usually Slayer with Amara). So why does the game not show damage in these cases occasionally. Just a bug? If so this is gonna become a lot more common with the next level caps. When this level of damage will be a lot more common.

Then they’ll change it.

I was being facetious of course. But I think my point should be obvious: if a pistol can one-shot everyone to the point it breaks the game’s internal math limits, without any of the drawback of a sniper (limited ammo, long reload) or shotgun (poor accuracy, high recoil), it means Gearbox have messed up somewhere, plain and simple. We all love the queen in chess, but if we replaced the 8 pawns with 8 queens while the opponent still had 8 pawns, chess would become real boring, real quick.

By the way, what are these ‘Youtubers’ you speak of? I’m one of those eccentric weirdo losers who naively believe it’s more fun to play games than to watch other people play them, so unfortunately I don’t actually know anything about youtubers. I don’t know any of their names, and have no idea why anyone would want to watch them. I wish them all well, but I’m personally too busy playing games to watch them myself :yum:

What I meant is that if you give a moonfire to a random player (not a youtuber) they will not be able to pull a stunt like that without seeing the video

Moxsy is one of the most famous youtubers of bl3. Basically those people spend a lot of time researching mechanics/set up/exploits to pull off weird / shocking stuff and make the buzz. Like the video where they kill m10 Traunt in a few seconds with cryptospike