Moonfire needs a buff

just simple. Buff that weak gun


Moonfire’s every status is too much low
damage, accuracy, handling, reload time, fire rate. everything is too weak.
and status effect damage too.

Also obtained by only from the ‘Maliwan Take Down’ Boss. Not suitable for compensation because too weak.

torgue manufacture but no splash. can’t add splash damage bonus like AOE
already know CM doesn’t have torgue crit damage

If nothing change just i think 3rd shot increase 10x seems good

If you think it’s wrong, compare with it ‘Redistributor’ ‘Kyb’s Worth’ ‘Tiggs’ Boom’

Honestly I want to use the ‘Moonfire’ nice look but it’s too weak despite all sorts of bonuses I get from CM and artifacts


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I agree the only reason I was doing takedown was for the moonfire, finally got 1 (non anointed) and after using it for about half an hour to try it out I sold it😕