Moonshot farming EOS is gone

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yep. I’m curious to what this hotfix did tho:

•[Claptastic Voyage] Increased damage particle size when hitting EOS

more damage to him or a wider damage area on him?

Its the treasure room all over again. :disappointed:
You think they would learn.

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What is moonshot farming anyways?

If the loot wasn’t what you wanted you could just exit to the main menu, load your character again and try the "moonshot’ again, as long as a certain objective was unmarked.

Atleast, I think it went that way.

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No, you save first, then if you don’t like the item, you alt+F4, then enter again.

Never really did it, I prefered to kill ECLIPSE and EOS over and over to get THEIR legendary drops, not the random legendary.


Ah ok.

Never bothered doing it, got a Kaneda’s Laser anyway.

Best RL in the game imo. I got it after Arena level 5. 5H4D0W-TP appeared too, so I felt that it was well deserved.

I was confused by this too. I fought EOS today, it turns out they made the damage values bigger, the numbers on screen are just bigger for you to read instead of super small near EOS himself.

thanks, the wording in the hotfix list was too technical lol

cross save is an interesting feature. you can overwrite an existing character’s save file.

I know. I was talking about how all they did was add an extra step like with the immolate glitch. People will find ways around if they want to bad enough. Also while i understand how they might view it as an exploit, i still believe it was an unnecessary fix as there is such an easy way around and it directly hurts no one. The moonshot farm is a quicker version of dashboard grinder farmer without the the moonstones or fine control, so its also a less efficient farm.


yup, my point exactly. cross save is the way around it. they can take it out of the game, but that would be worse.

i think torgue had something to say about fantasy. if people want to farm that way, and they keep playing the game as a result, why mess with it?

did any one in gbx (management) ever figure out that being able to break little ‘rules’ like this is a) in line with the game and b) is the attraction? small exploits always seem to exist anyway. people like finding them


They didn’t fix the warrior, why fix eos? It was hard enough getting luck cannons and flayers. I guess they did fix dlc grinder recipes though

Which is a plus grinding 50 plus times even with the new legendaries and still getting vanilla gear was very frustrating.

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I can sympathize, did like 30 resets and still didn’t get a luck cannon. Luckily a BA glitch dropped one for me, while farming eos, and then he drops me a flayer. which was nice because couldn’t seem to get one of those from grinder either

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So you can still moonshot grind that first death?

No. I ment I tried to grind two of the new legendarys and a purple to get another new legendary and didn’t get one even though I dashboarded like 30 times. So then I just started farming eos. In between phases a BA glitch dropped me a luck cannon, then after I beat eos he drops a flayer. As a interesting side note right before that I got a flayer in the mutator arena. So in one run I got 2 flayers and a Luck cannon :smile:


same. I think the recipe of 2 legendaries and 1 purple is mucked up if you included a DLC legendary within the recipe. I did the same thing at least 20 times and all I got in return was purples. I’m wondering if it’s just because of the DLC legendaries?

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A couple weeks ago i spent 3.5 hours dashboard grinding a Cheat Code, a Zim, and a purple Shotgun trying to get a Flayer.

Flakkers, Strikers, Marketers, but also soooo many purples.

Very annoying!