"Moonshot" farming Shadowtrap

Has any one tried to “moonshot” farm the lootsplosion from Shadow after the EOS fight? i may try tonight if no one else has.

Well why not, go ahead. Guaranteed legendary, and he has a pretty large loot pool. Never got the same item in 3 drops so far

Been playing BL2 again with the Handsome collection
(Must say, going from PS3 to this 60FPS is a HUGE difference, absolutely wonderful)
I thought about this same thing though after my playthrough of the claptrap DLC-
but that Eclipse/EOS fight took me about 40 minutes, I did not want to revisit it. haha

I do wonder if you can Save/Quit after taking down Eclipse then just ‘moonshot’ farm EOS afterwards
so you wouldnt have to worry about the Eclipse phase

it may reload to him laying there and not have to fight either form. at least that is what i hope. i would rather fight EOS again then eclipse-eos

Another cool thing is resetting the UVHM playthrough and doing the claptrap DLC again. About every 5 hours you have two more guaranteed legendaries. And it’s a decent way to level up 50 to 70. A lot more varied than meeting in-over-his-head-Jack every 10 minutes.

What do you mean by “Moonshot”? Dashboarding during the story battle, or is there some way to beat EOS that doesn’t involve rampant Mongol Spam?

my thoughts were that after you beat EOS and shadowtrap is laying there grunting and before you press the waypoint on his torso, you save and quit. after you reload…, will you have to battle him again… or can you just press the waypoint and his lootsplosion occurs. if it is the latter then, boom, “moonshot” farm like in BL2. if no one knows, i will likely try tonight or tomorrow night.

lmao i realised this after i beat him already on my claptrap and nisha! and i got a cruddy min min lighter on my last one :c
so sad, seems like ill never get that luck cannon haha

let us know how it goes shaolin!

ugghhh, he can drop any legendaries @milkz12, was hoping for only new legendaries. In 2 story runs he dropped 2 cheat codes then 2more cheat codes when mission turn in. 3 non elemental and one electric, my friend got a cryo.

i didnt get a chance to try this last night, was doing side missions on my friends playthru. did get a 2 fer luck cannon from the adds during denial subroutine and found the heartful splodger!!!

we do that. but this post is probably going to be removed because we aren’t allowed to talk about exploits :hushed: at least that’s what they did when i posted about the moonshot on the warrior when i first got the game.

ummm what… this is a farming method no diff than any other. and who does that? and i dont remember all the moonshot topics getting locked back in bl2 days. interesting, well if they lock this topic theyd better lock all the other topics about farming… any that involve saving and quiting.

i didn’t start playing until last year. i found this site and joined and made a post about it and a day later they flagged me and told me not to post exploits.

interesting… well the chest farming for glitched guns is stil open sooo idk. thats odd they would lock that topic. well either way, thanks for the heads up @StonerBarbie_86

i thought it was odd myself. it was before the layout changed or i would screen shot and show you.

either way i hope to try tonight, just gotta convince my friend to come into my playthru instead of hers, tho she will want to do her dlc side quests… oh oh oh i almost forgot to clarify, did you try this and it works? if so what happened when you saved and quit? did you have to fight him again or was he laying there waiting to lootsplode?

after you beat EOS, save and quit. then come in with either a friend or a second controller, then you can pick up loot with player two and you dashboard. rinse and repeat. my boyfriend and i are currently doing this right now. make sure no one can jump in your game though while doing this. if they jump in after you pull the H source out, it saves and you will have to go through the whole thing again to get back to this point.

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I swear you two , I thought I was bad lol

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yeah thats what i thought thanks alot! so after you beat EOS and Shadow is laying there, you save and quit, and when you get back he is still laying there? just like moonshotting the warrior?
btw this was rhetorical and not needing of another answer!