Moonstone chests Legendaries

Is it possible to get legendaries out of moonstone chests ?

I would assume that if it was possible, someone would have posted a screenshot or something by now.

I’m gonna go with either not possible or EXTREMELY rare.

It would be nice if their legendary drop rate was something similar to the treasure room chests in the pirate DLC though.

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My thoughts as well; I’ve never seen anyone post a legendary find from a moonstone chest in the Item Finds of the Day threads over on the old forums, but that doesn’t prove it’s impossible, and if they can be acquired from a moonstone chest, then the odds must be incredibly low.

On a somewhat related side-note, has anyone seen the raid drop any luneshine weapons?

There’s a tooltip that says something like “Luneshines can only be obtained via the grinder, moon chests, and Raidbosses”.

But I’ve never seen a luneshine drop from the boss.

I’ve never gotten a Luneshine weapon from a Sentinel drop either

I’m guessing that tip is wrong. Nobody has ever claimed to get a Lunestone item from any enemy.

That reminds me of how they said Claptrap has the same weakness to fire & resistance to corrosion like the other Vault Hunters, but he doesn’t, he takes more damage from corrosion than he does from burn damage. Either Gearbox puts blatant lies in their in-game tips, or they’re just sloppy, or there’s more glitches than we even know about.

Nope! Never seen a luneshine weapon drop off of anything. They only come from the grinder or from moonstone chests.

I’m assuming they don’t drop off the Sentinel either, but I don’t have firsthand experience there. Seven kills and it’s never dropped its legendary. :angry: I’ve never got any of Zarpedon’s rare loot in the three times I killed her either. Come to think of it, I’ve only got Flame Knuckles’ rocket launcher once in 11 kills.

RNG does NOT like me…

Well I’ve gotten 6 legit Nukems from going through the questline from ol knuckle head so I guess he is pretty generous.

[rubbing it in mode engaged]

[rubbing it in mode disengaged]

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