Moonstone grinding DLC guns possible?

So while in Concordia I am allowed the option to moonstone grind 2 oranges and a purple and as far as I know DLC guns aren’t obtainable through the Concordia grinder… So I head off to The Nexus only to soon realize there is no moonstone option at all for me… Not even mad about the fact I can’t luneshine DLC legendaries what makes me mad is how there is no way to guarantee your outcome being legendary now when using a purple rarity item in order to increase chances of getting the item you want…

With the latest hotfix/patch from last week, 5/19/15, you can get DLC weapons from the Concordia grinder as well as the DLC specific legendaries. I can confirm this from experience as I was able to get the Thunderfire and Laser Disker from the Concordia grinder.

You cannot moonstone grind glitch/pink rarity weapons, they have the same grinder rules as purples.

From my experience of the DLC legendaries is that they are by far superior than the regular legendaries even with luneshine.

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I have all the dlc legendaries I just would like to know why there isnt any moonstone option in The Nexus? At least for me there isn’t. Also thanks for that confirmation!!! I seen they added recipes for the grinder but didn’t specify what so ever…Guess ill just stick to Concordia now

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what platform/console are you on? I’m on x360 and am not having the option to moonstone grind 2 legendaries with a purple on/in any grinder.

Xbox 360 as well.

On a side note irrelevant to the topic, all my heads/skins for all characters have mysteriously gone missing… so yeah game is bugged pretty bad after the patch for some people…

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Yeah you cannot use moonstones when grinding for DLC legendaries.

Which is dumb, in my opinion, because it means you are going to get purples sometimes (a lot) when doing the “two legendaries plus purple to determine weapon type” grind.

My question is this: since the patch, do you still have to use at least one DLC legendary in the grinder to get a dlc legendary as a result?

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ok, ok, I’m realizing now what I did. I did grind at least 1 DLC legendary in the recipe. as @FlamesForAll confirmed, you cannot moonstone those grinds.


Yes, your recipe for grinding out a legendary from the DLC must include one from it. You can now use the Concordia grinder to get those as well and not just the grinder in Nexus. I believe this was part of the hot fix.

sorry all, I thought for sure I was grinding regular legendaries and not having the option to moonstone grind. I think this has been solved, If I find out otherwise I’ll report back.

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Hmm. Interesting that that was a fix, because I too am on the xbox360 and can no longer Luneshine Grind two Legendary weapons with a purple. I even deleted the Claptastic voyage files from the storage on the hard drive and it didn’t fix the problem. I can still use lune shines with other Color trios (blue, green, etc) but not with the Legendaryx2 + Purple. I was using two excalibastards… Could that be the problem? EDIT: it was Excalibastard! Lol I tried two other Peggie’s I had in the bank and bam, worked.

Yeap, that Excalibastard is free, but allergic to moonstones :smile:

And I guess legendary moonstone grinding can be summarized by these 3 rules:
1) You can’t moonstone grind DLC1 Berrigan RLs
2) You can’t moonstone grind any DLC2 Legendary
3) You can moonstone grind all Main Game Legendary Weapons (except for the Excalibastard) .

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you might also add that you can’t moonstone grind gibbed legendary guns as well. so if you picked up drops in a rando game and try to grind them, gibbed legendaries cannot be grinded with moonstone.

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