Moonstone grinding level 70 legendaries

Can you moonstone grind level 70 weapons to get legendaries?

I have not been able 2 at all.

I’ve done it with two legendaries and one purple.

You’re just having some really bad luck, that’s all. It still works at 70.

You can use moonstones when you grind 2 legendary and 1 purple weapon. You can’t use moonstones if you use 3 purple weapons. With 2 legendary + 1 purple weapon you get a guarantied legendary with moonstones. Without moonstones you can also get purple weapons. When you use 3 purple items you can get purple (most of the time) and legendary (really rare) weapons.

This should also apply to grenades, shields and oz kits. You can moonstone grind 3 purple classmods to get a legendary

Been doing that… still can’t moonstone grind…

what weapons are you trying to grind? there are some weapons that you can’t put in the grinder like the excalibastard or some of the dlc weapons.

Crap… the DLC Legendaries can’t be moonstone ground??

Theres the problem… because I have been looking for the Luck Cannon and the Flayer… thats what I have been grinding.

you can get the luck canon and the flayer out of the grinder and you also can grind the luck canon for other weapons. I think the flayer is bugged in a way that you can’t put it into the grinder

OK so… the Tunderfire and or omni cannon don’t moonstone grind either…

(as if your trying to use them to grind you can’t use moonstones)