Morbid enjoyment. (Galilea)

So… everybody knows it… Galilea is OP.

I have only done PvE, and that’s all I care to do. But good God almighty… you spec her in Attack Speed and get the Attack Speed mutation at level 5, and forget about it.

Her specific Legendary gear is amazing too. But with another piece of gear giving attack speed, she’s on crack.

In a 5 man Story fight on the Void… I cleaned through 254 enimies. Second place had 112. Who is my Girlfriend actually… and pretty good at the game. Overall damage, nobody broke 100k damage exept for me… at 228k.

I love how OP she is. Not gonna lie. But yeah, it’s ridiculous. Don’t nerf her TOO hard. Lol. All I care about is PvE and Story.

Possibilities nerfs:

Tone down the attack speed at level 5.

Tone down the projectile sword damage a bit. I know the huge catch is keeping the HP at max in order to use that… but it also makes it to where you can happily damage from a distance if fed well enough.

Obviously she’s a defender class… so she’s meant to be tanky… but she is pretty invincible almost due to her offensive potential.

I really don’t see TOO much wrong with her for PvE… be in PvP… being on the receiving end of her… everything… I can see it being hell.

Just my 2 cents worth.

I’m morbidly enjoying her, btw… morbidly.


She is op i agree but not impossible to beat. I just did a match last night where the enemy team had a Miko and Reyna following her around and i was able to kite them as Caldarius with little problem. I think they ended the game with a 8-8 score while i had around 20-1. She couldn’t really do anything because she was to slow to catch me while i buzzed around and killed her Miko.

Was she landing her shield throws?

She landed one on me all game. If you can accurately hit a good Caldarius after he hits level 5 I applaud you.