Mordecai and Brick - story questions

Weird roleplay / story questions, hoping you could help. I’ve poured through all of all of the dialog in BL2 and I can’t find anywhere where it says Mordecai/Bloodwing were actually in New Haven when Wilhelm attacked. Is it possible he had already left due to being dumped by Moxxi? It would super help if there was a timeline somewhere!

Also did it take both Handsome Jack AND Nisha to take down Brick or was it just Nisha vs Brick?

Thanks. :smile:

Only Nisha and Brick really know, and neither of them are telling (for different reasons.)
Yeah, I shot the Sheriff…

During her dialog in Lynchwood she says “We snagged him during the fall of New Haven.” So she didn’t do it alone.

So you think that it was Jack, Wilhelm, and Nisha vs Roland, Lilith, Brick, and Mordecai/Bloodwing?

I can’t find the specifics anywhere and throughout BL2 they make it sound like it was Wilhelm vs the 4 in New Haven, but Mordecai wasn’t with Roland/Lilith on the moon in Moxxi’s bar and neither was Brick… It seems like a weird thing to omit…

I think it was Wilhelm vs Roland and Lilith and Jack/Nisha vs Brick and Mordecai was too hurt over getting dumped by Mox but Jack had already dumped Mox for Nisha so… is there like a timeline or something on when all this happened? :frowning:

I think that was because it was specifically a Roland/Lilith vacation after the first vault. If you go away for a romantic week or two with your girl/boyfriend do you always take your two besties along for the ride? Didn’t think so…

Jack isn’t stupid, he would have brought loaders with him to help him take the town. But we can assume the original four VHs fought Wilhelm and lost. The reason the new ones were able to defeat him is because Jack poisoned him before the fight.

Jack’s Echos in Sanctuary talk about how it was his army, not him that attacked New Haven. He’s so full of himself he would have at least included himself a little bit? There’d be a huge montage about it on Opportunity, etc. etc…

Jack - “My men kicked your bandit asses out of New Haven and killed your little pal Lilith. Ringin’ any bells?”

Unless it’s just a goofy plothole that I’m overthinking, it doesn’t seem like Jack, Nisha, Wilhelm, and a hyperion robot army all took New Haven… In the pre-sequel little pic at the end it only shows Wilhelm in New Haven.

It does show Jack and Nisha cleaning up Lynchwood, it shows Jack, Nisha, Wilhelm and the robots together, but it only shows Wilhelm cleaning up New Haven… seems like double evidence that Wilhelm solo took out New Haven, and Brick was in Lynchwood, maybe after killing Shep?

But I still can’t figure out where Mordecai was or why. I think Moxxie had already dated and dumped him by pre-sequel?

New Haven was a bit of a dump and it’s not like there was some massive army there. Just Pierce, that porno mag guy, Scooter and Marcus and some random people and Claptraps.

I could see level 70 robot badass Wilhelm demoing the whole town.

She says he took it pretty hard in the rakkaholics mission right? He could just been bombed out in the wasteland somewhere.

Yeah but I guess Brick couldn’t have been kicked out yet, because New Haven hadn’t been sold out and lost yet. But Moxxi was on the moon… she left… but she didn’t go down to New Haven did she?

So Brick and Mordecai maybe were in New Haven while Lilith and Roland were celebrating the vault on the moon. Moxxi, Roland, and Lilith left the moon for Pandora about when Athena did. Maybe Moxxi went with Roland and Lilith and met Mordecai there. Marcus was in New Haven because when Roland dies he said he would have died in New Haven if Roland hadn’t gotten him out. So Moxxi and Marcus moved to Sanctuary together, then split up.

So there was no way that Mordecai was in New Haven to help fight Wilhelm off. If Brick was there, maybe they got separated and that’s when Nisha captured him… but it doesn’t explain the puppy death thing. I think Brick was in New Haven, maybe took his puppy and got away when they lost New Haven and Nisha/Jack captured him and puppy afterward. Nisha does say, “what Jack and I did to him.” So I think she’s implying it wasn’t in New Haven.

Brick says that they specifically came after HIM which is when Nisha killed Dusty. So I wonder if Nisha, Jack, and a hyperion army went after Brick specifically. I just can’t find out if that’s before or after the fall of New Haven. One way or the other he escapes and gets Shep and gets kicked out of Sanctuary. Ugh…

And doesn’t explain what “favor” Brick owes Roland when it was Brick that got kicked out… :confused:

Hm I think I’m close to figuring this out! :slight_smile: Thanks everyone!

Well I’m just confused as hell.

I might be nitpicking but in the Underdome intro doesn’t Moxxi talk about leaving her 3rd or whatever husband on good terms. Its obviously Marcus she’s talking about. Meaning they split before Underdome, fall of New Haven etc.

Also if you sneak over and read Roland note to Brick it says something like IOU one saved world (can’t remember exactly)

I’m replaying BL1 right now and I’m wondering if Knoxx’s campaign explains any of it. It has a lot of the Athena stuff in it. Pouring through the quotes takes forever.

Yeah I’ve seen that note before… but it’d be weird if Brick felt like he owed Roland for helping take out the vault in BL1 (they were childhood friends and all wanted to be vault hunters) and Brick certainly didn’t help in Pre-Sequel at all… all of Brick’s and Roland’s quotes say that Brick got banned from Sanctuary and wasn’t allowed anywhere near it so it’s weird that Roland owed Brick some how. Maybe Roland knew they had to get rid of Shep but didn’t want to lose the moral high ground and had to kick Brick out?

No idea.

Moxxi’s all over the place, literally! BL1: Underdome and Sunken Sea. TPS: Elpis until the betrayal (leaves when Jack survives?) BL2: Sanctuary and Badass Crater Bar. Not counting Flamerock refuge (because it’s Tiny Tina’s game) is that it? Can’t see New Haven fitting into her schedule somehow, and she would have made more money down near Knoxx’s armoury than in New Haven.

Mox leaves some time around when the betrayal first starts. I think when she tricks him into overloading the eye, but he does it remote instead. She leaves (or goes into hiding wherever Roland and Lilith go where they plan the final stages together) immediately when the betrayal starts. I remember because I kept going back to her bar and the three were gone.

The really weird thing is at the beginning of Underdome she had already went through Jack, Mordecai, and Marcus, considering her arena her “4th husband.” So I guess it depends on when she actually builds the Underdome. sigh So I’m sure by Knoxx it’s all also over. I’m thinking she went to New Haven right away as it would have been probably too late for Fyrestone, but that doesn’t explain why Zed stayed so long. Just stubborn I guess.

Wrong. Her first husband was a Hodunk, second was David “Mr. Shank,” 3rd was Marcus. She dated Mord after he won the Underdome, then dumped him and started dating Jack.

You sound like a swell guy. Maybe you can help clarify this. Underdome was built and used before Pre-Sequel. That’s when Mordecai beat it, somewhere right around BL… Mox was up bar tending in Pre-Sequel so she couldn’t have been running it. She and Jack weren’t dating during Pre-Sequel as they had already fallen out. Hyperion doesn’t destroy it until afterward for the betrayal. She had all of those relationships before Pre-Sequel at least through Marcus since his pictures are all over the walls in the Underdome.

So Mord must have already been dumped and ran off by Pre-Sequel, right? He wasn’t there to protect New Haven.

First off, we don’t know how long of a time-lapse from BL1 to TPS was. Lilith’s hair was still flat, as opposed to the right side sticking up like in BL2, so it might not have been that long. The Underdome was the second BL1 DLC, with Knoxx being the third. So there’s two possible explanations here:

  1. Mord won the Underdome, then met Moxxi face-to-face in Knoxx, and started dating some time after.
  2. All four did the Underdome, met Moxxi, killed Knoxx, then Mord solo’d the Underdome and started dating Moxxi.
    The status of their relationship during the Robolution is unknown. I would assume that Roland and Lilith left on vacation shortly after the Robolution, although various echo’s and dialogs lead me to believe that it was a couple of months after the Robolution, or at least long enough for Clappy to end up on Helios opening doors. If so, then Moxxi would have dated Mord and Jack within a few month period, which to be honest sounds like usual Moxxi. However, in TPS, Moxxi says to Jack “This makes us even.” What could she be referring to? In BL2 she says that Jack destroyed her Underdome because he thought she was cheating on him. So even the timeline for the destruction of her Underdome is out of whack.

But yes, Mord & Moxxi would have ended by the time of TPS, and would have been well over by the time of the attack on New Haven. As for if he’s there or not, I don’t know.

Also, the BL timeline is completely f*cked xD This is what happens when all three stories are written by different people.

Heck, sometimes it doesn’t even take different people…

Hm okay. Interesting. Then was Brick captured before, during, or after the fall of New Haven by Nisha?