Mordecai and his birds

I can’t be the only one that noticed these little retcons by gearbox.

In borderlands 1 blood wing is a Male.

In borderlands 2 blood wing is a Female
In borderlands 2 Talon is a Male

In borderlands 3 Talon is a Female

There is no real big story flaws here, I just think it’s amusing that gearbox can’t decide on the gender of mordecais birds. That or mordecai is on his 4th bird lol.

It’s a stupid retcon by Anthony Burch that somehow carried over into BL3 for Talon.


It’s not a mistake. That species of bird is supposed to change sex over their lifetime. It may have been just a simple retcon going from BL1 to BL2, but they’ve made the switch canonical for BL3. This is addressed in the Commander Lilith DLC for BL2. Mordecai is talking about Talon at one point and says “he will be a she” soon. This was meant as both a jab at the previous switch and as a new bit of lore.


Omg I totally missed that in the commander lilith dlc!