Mordecai - Leveling build and sugegstions

With the remaster released and so many people joining the community.

I thought I would throw down a couple of suggested builds for those who want to explore or have a goal in mind.

I try to throw out level because I know when I started I wasn’t sure what to pick or where to go.

Help people enjoy

1- 15 - Start

I find this best for starting - more damage on crits which is fairly easy to find on the first playthrough and early game

a simple kill skill to heal via righteous remedy

Lethal strike is still broken as hell - get good melee gun and you’ll be doing all the damage in no time

15 - 39

A mixed gun -

Continuing down a right tree for damage in killer and use of blood wing in cooldown.
Then left tree to pick up additional exp, damage with all guns, use of cooldown via snipers with extended mag - one point at the end of PT1 for trespass a whole game changer of a skill.

The hunter -

I played around with this mainly for damage and bloodwing use - plus it can help toward the end of PT1 to help get some good gear for PT2.


My personal endgame build

I usually play around with the last couple of points depending on what I’m playing with either mix guns or sniper build.
It still makes great use of blood wing as decoy or additional damage or resource for ammo etc.
I put odd points here and there because coms boosting them help when required but otherwise no reason to go overboard as most skills dont benefit going over a 100 or 110%.

Hope you enjoy guys and any questions feel free to ask.

If you have any build ideas yourself I would love to see or hear them.

The formatting here is horrific, and your first section for 1-15 has no link so the following text has no context. If you could put the link there that is clearly missing, maybe it would help to add some of that context. Nonetheless, this could be moderately helpful to people who are new.

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Had no idea link was missing thanks for the note. - shall update asap

could you explain formatting wise?

I tried to keep it simple and concise but unsure what you mean by formatting

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Format is good enoughl, don’t worry, but here’s this just in case

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Thank you:-)

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