Mordecai Quest Bug

Hello everyone, a newbie poster here.

This is a problem I’ve been having for a while and can’t find a fix for it. It’s not gamebreaking but it’s pretty damn annoying.

So here’s the problem; when I play on my Mordecai save file, I have this bug where completed quests appear where active quests would on the HUD. I can kind of fix this by selecting an actual active quest.

Just recently I continued playing where I last left off which was the Crimson Fastness. My ‘active’ quest was the Destroy the Destroyer with “Defeat the Destroyer” being shown as ticked. I selected the circle of duty quest, fast travelled to Tartarus Station and the active quest changed to the final quest for the Claptrap DLC.

My quest tracking seems to select completed quests rather than actual active quests and I don’t know why. I doesn’t do this with my Lillith save, thankfully.

One suspicion I have is I may might have broken something due to my chosen progress path to get max inventory slots.

I played through PT1 and did all Claptrap Rescues along with the DLC ones.

Then I did the five Claptrap Rescues in PT2. After that I carried on as usual doing all side quests and main missions until I reached the Eridian Promontory which at that point I went and did the Zombie DLC and Claptrap DLC until I completed the Claptrap Rescues. After that I went and completed the main game and mopped up the Zombie and Moxxi DLC along with starting the Knoxx DLC.

I think it started then, I can’t remember, it’s been quite a few months since I played.

Any idea or suggestions on how to fix this is greatly appreciated. Worst case scenario I could start a new Hunter and delete this bugged quest one.

Thanks in advance!