Mordecai's Scavenger COM in Remastered

Has anyone figured out how Mordecai’s Scavenger COM works in Remastered? I played him a lot in the original and I know a lot of his loot-influencing mechanics weren’t explained very well inside the game and most of our knowledge came from community testing. Things like Ransack drops having their Awesome Level equal Mordy’s level, skill points over 5 in Ransack do nothing, and Team Find Rare Items having no statistically significant effect.

Things I’d like to know:

  • Is Awesome Level still a thing, and are chests given different Awesome Level values? (mostly important for the Dev chest in Rust Commons, the Knoxx Armory, Craw’s drops, etc.)
  • Does Ransack use Mordy’s current Awesome Level for its drops?
  • Does higher levels of Ransack (boosting it over 100% chance) give a chance for a second bonus drop?
  • Does Team Find Rare Items do anything at all in Remastered?
  • How do you even go about finding this information in the game code?

Sorry for the late replay, but I can answer some of these questions.

  • AL is still a thing. All chests seem the same, except for the Hyperion Gift Shop which was hugely buffed.
  • Yes, Ransack still uses player level to determine AL.
  • No, but there’s a rumor that more than 100% helps prevent “dead” loot rolls, where nothing drops. The listed % chance might lie to us.
  • Doesn’t seem like it.
  • Can’t say, don’t know.