Mordy build (15 char baby)

Long time I didn’t play BL1. And I’m not very Mordy-savvy since I’ve been playing with Krieg for a loong time xD
Any suggestion will be appreciated.

I play mainly with snipers and pistols (aka Volcano, Defiler, Bessie, Nemesis and Skullmasher)
my com is Survivalist (or whatever whose name is xd)

While I’m sitting here waiting for your ISP to spawn me loot, Riotous Remedy is a terrible skill. I know your Survivor com boosts it, but you’re better putting those 5 points else where.

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hahahaha xD

Yeah, the points in Riotous Remedy are better spend on Ransack and Bird of Prey (or whatever the capstone in the middle tree is called).

As for Loaded, I think it is better spend on Tresspass and Swipe.

^ Since the com is giving +3 or maybe +4 to it, put 1 point into it to get the com bonus points (most skill point efficient to just invest 1 point and get 4 or 5 points worth out of it).

Speaking to the overall build, it almost looks like the old hybrid mordecai build I used to love playing. The idea with that was to get all the gun DPS buffs and then whatever I had points for and run applicable DPS com for weapon I was currently using (e.g. Gunslinger com for Pistols, Sniper com for Sniper Rifles). If that’s what you wanna do, go 5/5 Trespass, get Fast Hands 5/5, and finish maxing out Deadly and Gun Crazy (latter is seriously OP for pistols, always max it if you run pistols at all). Ditch points from middle tree (except Swift Strike), and Predator and Carrion Call to get the points needed for the skills I mentioned, you could also drop Riotous Remedy down to 1/5 to get some of those skills back (would get Ransack first because moar lootz, followed by Out For Blood and then Bird of Prey because BIRD is the WORD).
Ditch 1/5 in Riotous Remedy and go 3/5 in Bird of Prey if you ditch the Survivor com (and don’t run another com that also buffs that skill, like Scavenger).