More anointment's/better anointment's

After playing hundreds of hours of BL3, doing every activity to come out, farming every boss to exist. I just feel like so many of the anointment’s in this game are bland. Being a zane main as well means that every single ASE anointment is completely useless for me unless I don’t use a chain zane build.

Overall I just feel like there needs to be more anointment’s that have a larger variety of affects. Cause really all we have right now is either fire rate increase, or damage increase on ASE or one of the few specialized anointment’s that each character gets. Things like extra elemental damage, %mag reload on kill, killing an enemy with a crit spawn a missile or lob projectile that tracks to the nearest enemy. Also flat buffs for anointment’s on equipment like shields, grenade mods and class mods as well. Maybe a shield anointment that buffs shotguns, or rocket launchers. Maybe have a grenade mod with an anointment that increases x stat on how many grenades you do or dont have so classes that dont use grenades or lose grenades can both get advantages.

There are so many possibilities in this game for so many creative types of anointment’s that I feel gearbox just completely missed out on. I do like that that are buffing weapons that were once just bad. I actually have the sickle and lob as two of my main weapons now. I just want there to be a more unique feel to the anointment’s that come with the weapons instead of “hey look, another ASE 100% damage anointment” or “another sliding increases fire rate by 25%.” Sliding and the slam are so rarely used unless you use a snowdrift relic so give us anointment’s to actually make the mechanics should have been base movement and damage options actually useful.

(Also get rid of the just pure trash anointment’s like the 25% fire rate increase for slide, 25% crit damage ASE, better handling while airborne. Anointment’s should make a gun feel unique not disappointing)


ask me as a moze player, lol
there needs to be more anointments that are not dependend on action skill use

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I agree. There are far too many worthless anoints in this game and they show up far too often. All of the “while sliding” and “while airborne” anoints should be removed. I’m sick of seeing them. These crappy anoints make good items terrible because they’re not viable in M4.

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and then continue with the artifacts: “on slam, on slide” xD

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It could work for artifacts but I am also not 100% sure as well sense artifacts are kind of more major anointment’s by themselves. Would be cool to get a on slide snowdrift though.

I’m currently farming Graveward. I just killed him and had 6 legendary items drop with 3 of the items being anointed. First item, “While airborne, Accuracy and Handling are increased by 75%”. Second item, “While airborne, Critical Damage is increased by 25%”. Third item, “While airborne, Critical Damage is increased by 25%”. Pathetic!!!

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The slam artifacts would be AWESOME if there was a way to use it without having to jump off of something.

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this was addressed in a video I watched where it was a good mechanic in the pre-sequal because of the low gravity so you could slam from almost anywhere but sense the only low grav area in BL3 is the asteroid it is not used like a core mechanic that it was in the pre-sequal.

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If we had TPS boosters and low gravity this stuff wouldn’t be an issue.

But we don’t, so anything slam or airborne related is meh.

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i would prefer the old style artifacts with stuff like health regen, health %, elemental res, elemental damage, etc. flat stats, might seem boring but i am just not sliding nor slaming xD
but i realllly need health regen, lol

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Yeah, I have a nice level 50 Last Stand Deathless if you are on Xbox

last stand wont help me, i had one but im playing a 1 hp moze xD

What platform are you on? I have several Deathless artifacts

pc but i prefer to farm by myself :smiley:
i just wish, there were more stats for people who dont slide or slam xD
i could actually just use loot expanding and mayybe elemental projector and thats is xD

I have a nice flesh melter and ice breaker. But I’m on xbox lol

I have a deathless with Max health bonus… Lol
I keep it for laughs.

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Just FYI, last stand actually works with deathless. Every time you take damage and the cooldown is up you get 5 seconds of invulnerability. I still don’t know that its worth sacrificing healthgate, but if you’re going 1 hp, its probably the way to go.

yea, probably better than nothing but not really “optimal”

I think one thing they could easily do is combine all the airborne, etc., anointments into one single anointment. So rather than having individual ones which give airborne crit damage, fire rate, damage, accuracy and handling, they could have one which says “Boosts all gun stats while airborne.” That way they keep the mechanics for those who enjoy them while thinning the pool of anointments out there. The number of anointments is already heavy so I’d prefer the number to stay the same or go down if possible.


Yea. One for airborne, one for sliding :slight_smile: