More battleborn individual info

Personally, I think it would be a wonderful quality of life improvement if more aspects about the battleborn and their abilities were displayed on their respective pages. I’m talking about skill damage, cooldown times, and shelds and health value mostly. This would especially help for serious players who plan of helix builds before getting into a game. I also see it as having no negative aspects as more information to the players/customers is always good. I would appreciate it.


I am not a web developer, but a site similar to would be nice. Maybe GBX could then implement it into the game.

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There was a hint in last week’s battleplan that they will be adding more info.

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Would be a good idea. Like icy-veinz or noxxic for WOW.

+1. Seems pretty dodgy that certain helix options will decrease your overall damage without telling you, like Ghalts slug rounds helix. All it says is +100% range, but makes no mention of the damage drop off.

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agreed +1