More characters? I want more characters so badly! And


since I’m not posting here very often, let me start with saying, that with most criticism about Borderlands 3 I simply DO NOT agree with. I really like Mayhem 2 (although I bought BL3 when it came to steam, so I didn’t lose any item progression), I disliked some Mayhem 1 modifiers like those halving pistol damage while doubling shotgun damage, which also changed every map and had to be checked. I don’t hate Ava (my judgement isn’t clouded by having a crush on Maya), I acknowledge that she is an annoying brat, but in my opinion a well designed one, mb even intentionally so as I see her somewhat of a criticism on society. Maybe that’s why some people are especially angry. xD Seriously, some of this hate of Ava is childish and unjustified, has zero arguments and is simply thoughtless blaming in the same manner some political groups do - which the Ava-haters also hate. Also, although it’s made up, the way other characters react to Avas outbursts and how they’re forgiving it is inspiring and I’m trying to learn from that. And lastly I think, while BL2 main story was stronger, the BL3 side quests feel way more fleshed out and fun to me. So, Gearbox team, I think you did a good job. It’s not reflected by forum posts as much as for example Steam reviews. Keep listening to feedback, but plz ignore the vocal minority.

Ok. On topic:
I’ve read the arguments of GearBox why they don’t want to add more characters (so no need to repeat those). I understand and I won’t be mad if I don’t get my way. I just want to say that I would love to have more characters to play with, because I have so much fun with BL3 and how it’s balanced. So much so that I wouldn’t even care, if they’re not even new BL3 characters.

What I mean by that: My issue with BL2 was that the leveling up process was so slow and the balance of items too steep, and the presequel even slower so much that I only played 1 char in normal mode. I would not mind playing these chars with the balance of BL3; and there are still 5 characters I would like to try I have never touched yet.

If I were a game developer (and I hope I will be in a few years), I would add a “nostalgia” mode to sequels, so that the engine can interpret the old maps and the players can visit the prequel from within the newest game, maybe even enjoy the story. Of course it makes no sense to implement such a thing if it’s just too much work and the reception is just more hate over every little bug. But for adding old characters I really don’t mind if it’s unbalanced or the game is harder, or that they have fewer skillpoints, change some skill values, keep them out of multiplayer and make a clear message to players so they understand it’s an EXTRA for those who adore the current game but are nostalgic. I hope this is so little work that it can be squeezed in as easily as I think (probably not… xD ), but could quickly result in 12 or even 16 new characters to just “try out”, which is a lot. Could 16 characters justify a DLC?

Feel free to disagree - just try to be nice while doing it, eh? I won’t be reading comments anyway - the way people behave on the web, how much they hate and blame and are toxic to opposing OPINIONS … feels like humanity is sick. But anyway.

Other ideas I have (some might be better suited in BL4…):

  • include a changing room in the players room in Sanctuary, which saves the skill tree and some weapons
  • a new item slot “melee modifier” and ofc a bunch of items for that. It’s a substitute for a melee weapon, but like doesn’t necessary have to change the melee animation
  • make a Jagged Alliance game (or Xcom or strategy games like that) with all the crazy weapons from the BL series. xD Yes, I’m very, very crazy and I think it’s a good idea

We still have characters with bugged skills since release

And you want more characters who will not fully work?

I would rather have them focus on everything currently wrong, bugged and broken first


How about they fix all the broken classes and action skills, as well as all the bugs, underperforming weapons and on and on first? Mayhem needs to be fixed badly.

Moze can’t even use IB anymore, again, in higher mayhem levels.


I think they should let us kill Ava. Then let us kill her corpse. Then let us take the double dead corpse and throw it into the agonizer 9000 pit. Then have the corpse fall out of the agonizer pit underneath Carnivora to get run over by the giant tank treads.

you have good points but I wouldnt say BL3 is more balanced than BL2…