More cheating (aimbot) Marquis players. Look at that score..!

This Marquis just 3 shot killed me in melee range, enough said… everyone in our team felt something wasn’t right with him… the game ended in 15 mins…

Match id

Look at the scores…!!!

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I’ll say the same I say to anyone complaining about aimbots in multiplayer games.

Don’t play competitive games on PC. The cheating potential is insanely high, and there’s not too much a company can do about it.

Sure, they can ban players who get caught, but that’s just damage control. And if the player is savvy enough to search and download an aimbot, they are probably savvy enough to mask their IP to avoid the ban.

That’s… actually somewhat reasonable. I’ve managed to go 23-0 as Marquis before without any form of aimbot or other cheats, and there was a bit of cqc due to a rather annoying El Dragon with a hilariously bad habit of over extending. Has his account gotten a VPN ban before? Might be a good idea to check.

If he was cheating use [quote=“ScrubEraser, post:8, topic:1422091, full:true”]
Please report these via Support Tickets! We need these MatchID’s.
[/quote]you can use this link to report him.

However, I’ve done the same as a Marquis on Xbox. Literally the only thing that could kill me was a Phoebe.

I’m not going to speculate on whether or not he was cheating, but I’ve seen non-cheaters do better. Also, look at his minion kills, he did very little to contribute to the objective despite using one of the best lane controllers/clearers in the game. Aimbot or not, he had tunnel vision and not being able to juggle between kills and minions isn’t very impressive, score isn’t really a relevant stat in Battleborn at this time.

I’m gonna counterpoint you here with a counterpick: ISIC. No greater fear for a Marquis, than having all those huge damage numbers, flying right BACK at them with a reflecting Rotating Ward.

There are counters for every character in the game, but I see fewer and fewer people taking them. They want the big damage numbers, the double digit kill counts. That’s not really what BB is about.

Games based around couterpicks need to have draft style hero selection.

This game doesn’t.

I’m not saying Marquis is broken and only ISIC can counter him, I think any assassin can counter Marquis just fine, honestly. It’s games where a team doesn’t have a competent assassin that his numbers go crazy. I’m just not a fan of any argument on here of “This specific characters skill can counter them, so it’s fine”.

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But that’s not my argument. My argument, is to avoid falling into patterns. Marquis is a good pick, for the same reason Thorn is; few people are playing to counter them. They’re playing to make big plays, and score high kill counts. Your pick should be based on what’s best for your team, if you want to stop things from snowballing. Pick a character that fills in a hole in the group. And more importantly, know what characters are good and bad AGAINST that pick, and deal with them accordingly.

Today there was a Marquis who could just peek around the corner, headshot someone then go back to business, all in under a second.
You could be in melee range doing whatever acrobatics you want and he’d triple-headshot kill you.
Eventually he had 30 kills, and even the guy on the team saying “maybe he’s just good” was like “maybe he is an aimbot?”.

Then in my next game there was a Marquis who was just simply good and killed me 10 out of 11 times just for peeking out of cover.

Now I hate all Marquis players, legit or not. =P

That guy has been aimbotting for the last 2 weeks :< He does it on Ghalt and Caldarius too. The best part is he’s terrible at the game and feeds like crazy even with an aimbot. (Obviously Marquis has rendered him invincible though)