More clarity on when Autox is dismissed? And a buff to the passive?

Its said that she has this passive when she dismisses Aurox on her F, and her E abilities. But it would be nice to have more clarity on when this is happening, such as a different tint in the screen, like light blue or red. It would also be nice to have a different passive. Maybe an increase to her boomerang strength as well when he is detached?

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Well…her other passive is, that when her shields are down or Aurox is used for Fetch or Tag Team, that her melee hits are halved (or that they are doubled if he is present). Maybe a 33% Attack-Speed increase to her boomerangs would be nice, as long as her shields are down/ Aurox is not present…it must be hard to throw them properly with a giant space monster around you.

When Aurox goes down to damage, Shane audibly cries out and Aurox gives a final roar. I don’t think Aurox disappears for any significant amount of time using fetch. I don’t even think your shields drop. It’s pretty obvious when Aurox is tag-teaming as the FX are rather ostentatious.

Their fleet-foot passive is there to give you a chance to escape the fight in the event that your shield/Aurox goes down due to damage. Shane and Aurox have a great shield but not all that much health.