More content= Ranked multiplayer

I know someone has addressed this already but this is more about the game as a whole and how much content it can offer. Now for there to be ranked first gearbox has to balance the characters and the gear and a few other map related exploits, after those are done then we can focus on ranked match making. As a result since people like to compete I would suggest things like leader boards be added, player profiles with there wins and loses, their most played characters etc. For example players who main in a character should be able to see which player of that character is the best in terms of wins K/D etc. To make multiplayer even more rewarding I suggest those T2 and T3 skins they talked about be purchased with some form of ranked currency. Telll me what you guys think any suggestions.

Personally I don’t really care. What I would like is that you can choose between ranked and unranked if leadersboards will be implemented. K/D ratio etc is nice for yourself, but says not much in this game. Some guys play super supportive and assist the team without making a lot of kills. It might make people pick a Battleborn that makes easy kills instead of picking a Battleborn that is helping the team…

I my mistake I wasn’t trying to imply things like only K/D matter I was using that as an example for the array of things you can have under your profile. And of course the choice to choose casual or ranked would be available.